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What really makes you happy? I find the older I get it is less the material things and more of the simple things in life.
Like right now it makes me happy to enjoy my yard, my kids and dog. They make me laugh. Not just chuckle but really belly laugh.
I am just curious about what others fine to make them happy.

SCbeelady 6 May 12

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A mountain with a campfire and a backpack.


Silk, cigars, Cabernet, my kids, cats, being alone, a great book (non-fiction), my partner, a nice walk, good coffee, intelligent conversation, trees, lilacs, cheese, comfy sandals, well fitting jeans, lightning, being alive and healthy, sleeping in, driving, great music, this site, you, and a few other things make me very very happy.

I like driving around at's a different world at nighttime. I smoked one cigar before one time while on vacation, Punch London Club I believe the kind was, and it was good, down the road I'll be looking into similar and also possibly vaping. Lastly...fromage!

All the good stuff. ?

@SpikeTalon Punch are usually good.

@Stacey48 That sounds messy, but you're welcome.


Sitting at the kitchen table having coffee or eating and looking out the patio door windows. Have bird feeders about 6 ft away. Lots of birds, Goldfinches and a variety of sparrows sit on the feeders. Those birds, doves, Indigo Buntings, and a couple of small thirteen line squirrels that have burrows nearby feed under the feeders on what falls out of them. Farther out in the yard are rabbits and regular squirrels. The birds chirp away happily while the rabbits and squirrels play around. Quite relaxing and serene, makes me very happy.

Nothing like a good dose of nature and its critters to soothe the soul.


I like trying new things, but like you I'm happy on the screen porch at home on these beautiful spring evenings. Karen and I took a hike up at Big South Fork on Monday at the Twin Arches, and it was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. When I was young, it was always that next thing that was going to make me happy. A nicer car, or better job, new girlfriend or more money. I think it's easier when you get older, especially if you learn the secret of being grateful for where you are right now.


Well, I'm sitting out back, just down poured. Drinking a beer and sipping a good rye. I just smoked a bowl. Trees and shrubs coming to life. My Catholic wife(who hates my agnostic ass), is with her pill head girlfriend, hating on me. I don't get it. I'm at peace with the world, lol.
Maybe I have to call it quits.
Hope I didn't ramble too long.

Keech Level 5 May 12, 2018

You need to convince her to smoke a bowl with you.

I'm sure the wife doesn't hate you. Now the pill head girlfriend probably does. Lol. Enjoy what you can.


Staying up late at night drinking a great glass of wine in total peace and quiet. With my feet up watching an old quality movie while blowing smoke rings with my vaping device.


Sitting outside facing the wind with good coffee and a smoke watching the sunset.
Couple other things too, but that was the first thought.


Pretty much the same, I love spending time with my now adult kids, we sit in the sun with the animals, walk the beach. But for us, it has always been this way, for me I am just a little less active with it.


Boring days make me happy....... wait, wait, wait...let me explain.... boring days are the ones when nothing happens and those make me happy because usually means that no one is sick, or hurt, or something is broken and needs repair, or bills are due and I missed the deadline..etc..etc... boring days, everything is under control and then you have the freedom to choose what to do with that time. There are tons and tons of things one can do, just have to be ready for those boring days and do the things you like to do !!!!!

@Stacey48 I learned that many years has helped along the way, no doubt


Wine. Book. Great.


A really nice sunset does wonders for my mood.


That's it, what you just said. ♥

She forgot to mention this site though...

@SpikeTalon yes I did forget.


I feel the same...just simple things and calmness in any moment!


I love my evening bike ride or walk along the coast line, watching the colors change in the sky, with the breeze on my face. Or sitting on my lanai in the evening listening to the waves crash on the shore. I love the joy of interacting with my grandchildren. I love listening (and sometimes dancing) to good live music, especially Hawaiian, Blues and Rock, ideally outside, but indoors is fine too. I love a good drive in the countryside, or a hike in the mountains. Mostly things that make me (and any problems I'm having) feel small compared to the vastness of this world and the cosmos, like sitting on a beach at night gazing up at the stars.


Book, bicycle and barley pop

Barley pop. Beer?

@Condor5 Yes, it is one of those old regional terminology things.

@gsiamne gotcha. Cool term.


My girls and my animals if there happy and healthy I'm happy ,so what if we choose to spoil both that's why you have them x


I feel the same way. I love working outside.


Right now, I would say going to superhero movies with my nephew, and get togethers with my friends from high school.


Driving along an empty coastal road, in summer, listening to my favorite music.


Being around and interacting with my daughter and son-in-law and their friends, being around my friends, mountainbiking, my dogs, good music (my def.), an ice cold beer on a hot day...there's a start. And various other things at other times.


Hanging out with friends, fooling around with someone I care about, writing, singing, making art, wicked humor.


Family is nice, all the usual stuff, but at 72 I still enjoy adventure and travel. I was in Monterrey for a week in March and just returned this week from Guadalajara.


Playing music and laughing with friends.


I seemed to have lost my way in life ,its like I'm trapped in a bubble and can't see away forward x

Shelby I am sorry you feel lost and in a bubble.
I felt lost a few years ago myself. Bad health and a bad marriage. Funny thing is I left and now my health is much better and I am a lot happier.
Hope you find your way forward soon.

@SCbeelady ,thank you I to hope so ,things are starting to look up x


I have found that material things become less & less important as I age...I have also discovered the "Less is More" line of thought & find myself in full agreement... It takes very little to make me happy... Sitting out at my fire ring in the evening with my dogs, a cold beer & staring out at the stars & wondering if there is someone millions of miles away doing the same thing...Looking at seed catalogs & trying to decide what kind of flowers best attract the kind of wildlife I want to attract to my place...Going fishing, or puttering around my shop does too... I have given away more in my life than I own at this point, & have no regrets what so ever...Of course, if I ever won the lottery, I wouldn't refuse the money, but it would never change me a whole lot & would give the bulk of it away anyway...Making other people happy makes me the happiest, I

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