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Hi everyone. I've been gone for a while, don't know if you noticed! I am back with a regretful plea.

I'm back today because you are the community that I belong to; the only one. Life took a terrifying turn for the worse recently. A new job after a few months of unemployment. Still working 2 jobs. Now I am NOT. Shocked and confused to have been let go from the new job "You don't seem EXCITED enough about the job." What?!!

4 weeks later and 38 online resume submissions- nothing yet. No unemployment benefits! Hearing next Wednesday. No food help; finally approved yesterday..card doesn't more WEEK. Utility shut off notices came on Friday. Mortgage bank threatened foreclosure. I've lived here 20 years this past March.

Long story short - My son made a GoFundMe. I didn't find out until the next day. Now I know; if he's scared enough to do such a thing then I have NO business being proud. He oddly put his dad in it. He's battling cancer - what my son doesn't know is that his dad hasn't given financial support for several years. I'm not telling him, it's his Dad after all.

I don't know if it's appropriate or allowed to share the link.
So I won't. I will ask to please message me if you would like the link to the GFM - to share, to help. You can find the post under Eli Clemens on the GFM website.

I have no family as you know. Single Mama for 11 years.
My best hasn't been good enough.
Thanks for reading this my godless friends!
The humiliation is acute. I have to try nonetheless.

By AmiSue8
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Hey! I am so sorry this is happening. Hugs


AmiSue I think the bank is supposed to assist homeowners with alternatives to avoid foreclosure. Call the bank and if you are satisfied with their response, look further. It's better for banks to keep owners in their homes and help them get out of their financial struggles than to put them out. Please post what you find out.
I don't know what state you live in but your state might offer emergency utility assistance. The state of Michigan does through Michigan Department of Social Services. It's a one-time benefit out of the welfare office.
Do you have room to take in a tenant? Rent a room?
Also, if you have a degree you may be able to teach English As A Second Language online (TOEFL?).
AND with all the elderly people living alone, you might also find work in their homes as a caregiver. It can be demanding but it's rewarding.
Hope these suggestions help. And hope you'll keep giving updates on how your situation is playing out. I am also a single mom. Breathe, stretch, try to relax where you can. You DO have support here, you DO have community. It can happen to any of us. HUGS.


Call 211 or go to - they can tell you where local food pantries are to help get you through.

Also other assistance programs for fuel/electric/etc....

Food benefits often are put onto the card on a specific day of the month. Might be why the card isn't working.

I'm sorry you're going through this - it's very difficult having to ask for help.

RavenCT Level 9 May 13, 2018

@AmiSue I know ((((AmiSue))))) and really most people asking for help absolutely need it.


@AmiSue there are amongst my friends a few single mothers. Many of whom raised, or are still raising their children without any support. I cannot begin to imagine the difficulties and struggles and worries they have faced. And I've always been impressed by how fantastic their kids turned out to be. I could not be prouder of any of my friends than these women. ?

hankster Level 9 May 13, 2018
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