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Sending good wishes to anyone who's having a hard time today. Mother's Day is not a celebratory day for some people.

bleurowz 8 May 13

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This is a very nice post. Thank you !


My mom is still here, but I find that, even though we never married, but did stay friends, I miss my daughter's father terribly today. He died 2 years ago, and he always brought me flowers and ice cream on mother's day, and we hung out talking, with our daughter, and having a nice day. I miss that. But I am also super grateful for my mom. And my daughters.


Both my parents passed away in 2008.

I mourned deeply for them, but since my mom and I used to communicate by ESP, since there was no phone between the floors of our dual house farmhouse, I just continued talking to her in my "imagination," as usual.

The answers I got, even if I was the one who made them up, sounded like what she'd say, so I felt comforted.
I did that for about a year before the need to talk constantly with her faded away.


You are right there.


Mr Mom here by necessity due to criminal dope lifestyle unsafe for my child to be around. sadness is my daughter is more missing her birth mother than her Feminist single Dad. ....surely many parents who had to be both mom&dad in one body feel out of place today unappreciated by whole families not just grown children


I wish I could ease the hurt of anyone who is suffering because of today's theme, for whatever reason you are suffering. Stay strong and may you find peace and comfort in other areas of your life.

I found comfort and peace in later years being loved by Atheist women....blended religious families could be very cruel to Atheist parents

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