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Please share your most laughable experiences of things Christians have seriously told you are Satanic and a danger to your or your children's soul.

Here are two to start with

Yoga and meditation open you up to Demonic possession

The Devil buried all fossils and dinosaur bones in the earth 6000 years ago to give credence to the Luciferian theory of Evil-Lution

LenHazell53 9 May 14

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Guy yelled out “You’re a devil worshipper!” In my hangar after seeing that I labeled the drawers on my toolbox with demon names.

Another super evangelical radicalized kool-aid drinking Christian said that “god” was speaking to him, telling him to have patience and be a man of peace, rather than to give me my “comeuppance” ie an ass whoopin’.

Deemo Level 4 May 14, 2018

Magic The Gathering card game. Some looney tune once told me I was going to hell because that card game promoted satanic images.

The Mormons say the same thing about ordinary playing cards and D&D


Music by the Rolling Stones, magic, tarot


Shows/books about magic.


While in college many years ago, I got into a debate with a Jesus Freak as we called them then. I was still stupid enough to waste my time debating one of these people. As we parted, he said, "I have planted a seed within you and it will grow and you will come to Christ one day." Never happened.

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