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It is a great day for Israel!

repubatheists 7 May 14

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Yes! Let's celebrate land being handed back to the original owners! You can start with Manhattan.


I think it's more complicated than that. I agree, the land belongs to Israel and why does the world feel entitled to opinions about what Israel does on its own property? The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a lightning rod, used by other countries (the west, Arab nations etc) as a distraction for their own misdeeds.
My problem with the embassy move is the way this was rolled out. The speeches made were not forwarding-thinking. They were singular and represented extremists and that's what Netanyahu is and represents: a narrow path forward for Israel.
Likewise the Palestinians align themselves with extremists who use them as pawns. The Palestinian civilians shot and killed today were setup by their own people. The Palestinians Authority called for a massive protest of unarmed civilians and encouraged them to rush the border. It's another PR stunt for the Palestinians to get world sympathy.


Fuck Israel

Israel is the only viable democracy in the Middle East. I supposed you think the Islamic radicals are better. In many Islamic countries they kill people for not being Muslim.


Yes it is and it’s about time!!!

If a few unarmed people get killed, who cares?


Has anyone else noticed that the only time Republicans are happy--or having "a great day"--is when a huge swath of humanity has been sold out and their suffering is bound to spike. The profound lack of empathy or compassion surprises me...

The US moved its embassy. Is it really the end of the world ?

That land at one time belonged to Jews, so how far back do we want to go in discussing people suffering?

@repubatheists For many, it IS the end of the world. Particularly for the Palestinians. And keep in mind, Israel was won through the genocide of the indigenous peoples that already lived there. And Evangelicals are planning on bringing it back.

OOOOHHH! And let's not forget... the whole reason he did that is to placate his Evangelical base who plan to use this as a way to start the apocalypse. You know, convert the Jews, or kill those who don't convert (remember, Jesus plans to convert them all).

So absolutely it IS the end of the world which is EXACTLY what Evangelicals want... It's the end of Judaism since Evangelicals intend to destroy that as well.

So I reiterate... when others suffer, Republicans get happy... so long as it's not "their tribe." And the more suffering involved, the more excited they get. And there's going to be some serious suffering coming out of this.

For many evangelicals, Jerusalem is about prophecy, not politics

@Benthoven As an atheist Republican, I am proud to be in a country where I can openly say I am atheist, and as a woman I can do as I choose, and I hope other parts of the word will be fortunate enough to experience this freedom. We can see a glimpse of this freedom in the Middle East in Israel. This is not happiness in seeing others suffer, it is happiness in seeing freedom being recognized.

@Benthoven In the mean time, I am also concerned about the Christians, atheists and gays being murdered and purged in countries like Lebanon, Egypt, Afghanistan and Indonesia. Their suffering seems to be conveniently left out of the picture by those who make Israel out to be a horrible country.

"As an atheist Republican, I am proud to be in a country where I can openly say I am atheist, and as a woman I can do as I choose"

And yet you've tethered yourself to the very party that wants to take that all away, that devalues women, that calls atheists "baby killers," "should be killed," "don't value human life," "are an abomination" ... I could go on. There are millions of slurs your party has made against YOU. You've tethered yourself to a party that only values the suffering of the poor and helpless, and rejoices in pain--as you're doing at this moment, ignoring the consequences of what just happened, and flaunting your 'glee' in the faces of those who know what's about to come down.

"This is not happiness in seeing others suffer, it is happiness in seeing freedom being recognized."

If that's the case then you're profoundly ignorant: both of your party and it's racism and bigotry, Middle East politics, and Evangelicalism--which owns the Party you're betrothed to and seeks the overall annihilation of all that look at life differently... that includes atheists.

"I am also concerned about the Christians, atheists and gays being murdered and purged in countries like Lebanon, Egypt, Afghanistan and Indonesia."

So long as it's not Israel.

I'm concerned about those being persecuted right here in America: thrown to the streets for being gay, attacked by the police for being black, deported and torn from their families for being brown, threatened by death threats for not believing in God... Persecution of stripes is horrible, not just because it's Muslims doing the persecution (Yes, I saw your veiled religious bigotry in your comment).

@repubatheists the land also belonged to the Palestinians. Although the land was nomadic tribes without a formal boundary, there were Arabs and Jews on that land at the inception of Israel. When the British created Israel, the Palestinians chose to fight rather than to accept a country of their own. They lost that fight.
I absolutely agree with you that the hate that focuses on Israel is way out of proportion to the situation. Genocide around the world is ignored at the UN because dictators casting votes use the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a distraction. The world is one fucked up place. But boasting about something that ends in carnage is probably not a healthy approach, either.

@Benthoven Very nice

@Benthoven So when Clinton and Obama said the same thing about moving our embassy to Jerusalem, was it a Democrat party wanting to destroy the world? Or are you just another example of how two faced Liberals are, and how easily you talk out of both sides of your mouth when something like this happens? []

@Captain_Feelgood Presidents for years have been trying to find a political solution. They have done their best to broker deals between Israel and the Palestinians. At times it looked like it might work until Israel started their incursion into Palestinian land.

This is a complex issue, one that should be handled by adults, people who understand that area, and how volatile it is out there. It's a tinder box, and the president just threw gasoline on it and lit a match.

What you are calling "two-faced" reflects your inability to see the issue as it is, and instead adopted your childlike sandbox interpretation of something that goes much deeper than that.

The adults around the trying to deal with a situation that they know is complex and difficult, but they also have to fight the profound ignorance of the Evangelicals and their determination to bring about the apocalypse.

As to sending me a link full of links, that again just shows how very little you know about what's going on. You didn't even bother to read the articles you lined to... You didn't eve bother to read the titles of the links you sent. You just did some random search and posted a link. But many of the very links you posted say the same thing... Trump's Israel policy is a disaster.

If acknowledging that a situation is complex and possibly dangerous is somehow "two-faced" to you, you're probably not ready to have this conversation.

@Benthoven "I'm concerned about those being persecuted right here in America: thrown to the streets for being gay, attacked by the police for being black, deported and torn from their families for being brown, threatened by death threats for not believing in God... "

You have really caved into the over exaggerated victimhood in the US. America is not perfect by any means, but it is certainly one of the most free nations to live in - for gays, people of different backgrounds, atheists, etc. I live in Sweden where racism is higher than in the US.

@crazycurlz The carnage is to be expected - Mein Kampf was at one point a best seller in Palestine. In 1972 a Palestinian terrorist group held the Israeli olympic team hostage in Munich, Germany, and then murdered them. A leader of Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist group, has said he would like to round up all Jews to kill them.

People at the protest said this.. "Today is the big day when we will cross the fence and tell Israel and the world we will not accept being occupied forever," said Gaza science teacher Ali, who declined to give his last name.


@repubatheists Actually, I figured it out. I'm being trolled. I get that Israel is a big deal to you Evangelicals, but I wish you'd at least take the time understand what's actually at stake. Just because you've got an embassy in Jerusalem now, and just because they're going to try to force the construction of the Temple, doesn't mean Jesus is coming back, and nothing you can do will change that.

That you've divorced yourself from the sufferings of others... well, that's the new Conservative norm. That you consider those who suffer "victims"... yet another irony of today's Conservative.


Yes, several presidents have promised this - only Trump delivered!

gater Level 7 May 14, 2018

Well said!


Really you must be on another planet

it's much more complicated than that.


The Rest Of The World Is Horrified!

Coldo Level 8 May 14, 2018

Personally, I think the world is a pretty fucked up place. The world you talk about is made up of a lot of dictators killing their own people. The rest of the world should accept that Israel has the right to its own territory, to make decisions on what they do with their land. The way Netanyahu rolled it out, was terrible. But, Netanyahu is a disappointment always because his scope is narrow and his allies are not progressive.
But the Palestinian Authority is equally reprehensible. To call together a massive, unarmed riot on the border of Israel and then encourage them to charge the border? This is a PR stunt and it's got to stop. They KNEW the outcome would be carnage of their own people. And the civilians participate like lambs to the slaughter.
I don't think you can see the forest through the trees on this one.

@crazycurlz The problem is their own territory keeps expanding. The Palistian population is being replaced with Jewish settlers in Jerusalem and the Gazza strip.

@Coldo Not quite and don't get me wrong...I agree like many Israelis believe building in settlements should be put on hold. The real problem is that outside forces don't really want an end to the conflict and honestly, leadership on both sides also don't want an end of it. I think politicians are politicians are politicians the world over...cutting deals. That narrow strip of land turns out to be a hot political commodity and the Israelis and Palestinians are pawns of their own governments and of other arab countries and the west. Just like everything else in the world, we all need to stop and think through the real dynamics going on here and everywhere. This conflict could have been resolved a long time ago but there are too many people benefitting. A lot to discuss. A lot to figure out. Thanks for sharing your concern!

@crazycurlz I hope i live to see peace in the Region.

@Coldo I think we all do. But to me peace has to be for Israelis AND Palestinians. I think it's time for ALL players to own their role...this isn't just about Netanyahu and the fundamentalist Christians. The Palestinian Authority needs to own their role too.



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