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The cost of religious intolerance has again raised it's ugly head. Are these Jews any different from the Nazis who tried to wipe out my family in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising over 70 years ago? Have the persecuted have become the persecutors. I am disgusted and saddened.

My family was almost wiped out in the death camps, and I've spent my life as an activist fighting injustice and persecution. And now Jews are killing Palestinians for the same reasons Jews were sent to death camps; because they are who they are.

And Trump is celebrating while people are being murdered. Shame on those who enable or carry out such murders.


#Israel #Gaza #Palestine #Trump

josephr 7 May 14

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I agree. One of the legitimate complaints of the Jewish people is that people who should have known and done better during the 1930's stood aside and let the persecution of Jews continue, saying it was an internal matter for Germany. Now their grandchildren are saying we should turn a blind eye when a similar thing is happening in our own time because this time they are the ones with power. It's tragic.


I feel for you sir, I can only imagine how baffled all of that makes you. You raise a good point, but I think that conflict is far more complex than most people realize, several factors to take into consideration. I commend your honesty and courage in speaking your mind openly and bluntly on this topic, especially in a country like ours that is a well known fact adamently supports Israel, it has become politically incorrect to challenge the stance of the Jews openly for fear of getting labeled antisemitic. I of course side with neither on that. Good post that contained a solid albeit concerned thought.

Yes the complexities are overpowering. My older Cousin and I never discuss such things. He lives in Florida and I in Canada. He survived the Holocaust as a child in Poland as did my parents. But he fought with the Haganah and with Jewish Resistance Movement in their fight fora Jewish homeland in the late 1940s. He is militant and fearful of a future Holocaust like many Jews who are Holocaust survivors or children of Holocaust survivors.


Man, much more complicated issue than you make it out to be. This crisis would've resolved itself a long time ago but Israelis and the Palestinians are used as pawns. And now each side has leaders that don't mind this. Yes, there are a*** on both sides.

On the Palestinian side, they don't care about using their own people, civilians, as fodder because it riles up world opinion, they don't care who is killed. Would you expect the Israelis to just open their borders and let the Palestinians cross over? On the Israeli side, Netanyahu chose the worst people imaginable to speak at this celebration: extreme right fundamentalists, Jewish and Christian.

Anyone that looks at ONE side and sees the problem is off their nut. The WORLD is involved in this crisis, from the UN to the West to the Arab dictators that allow Israel to fight insurgents within their own countries. There are Israelis and Palestinians that understand the dynamics and on both sides working to fix the problem. But as long as leadership on both sides are supported by so many outside parties, no resolution in sight.


Apartheid continues... co-sponsered by USA, GB, EU, etc, etc....

Tomas Level 7 May 14, 2018

Yep some Israelis have become Nazis. On the other hand, thete are some groups opposed to the current regime including some fundamentalists. Pro Palestine Jewa on YouTube videos say they will be persecuted by Israeli government if they speak out.


IT is difficult for me to fathom. There are many things to learn from history by all sides. At a point someone just has to stop


Never get involved in nation building where the locals are tribal.

I perceive nationalism and radical patriotism to be merely manifestations of tribal compulsions. So I would totally stop nation building, and discourage any country from doing so, since it rarely works out for anyone but those selling guns and coffins.

That's very, very astute.
I couldn't agree more.

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