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Another twit threat
Hmm I wonder what Iran will do to prove him wrong?
Hmm I wonder if Israel will antagonize?
Hmm I wonder if 45 will retaliate any aggression?
Hmm I wonder if this will turn out in another war?
Hmm I wonder what the treaty holders will do now?
I wonder, I wonder, I wonder?

Lukian 8 May 14

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Let us pray. It may not help but it sure can't hurt.


A lunatic is running the asylum.


That stupid fucker doesn't know shit. He just reacts, usually to whatever Faux News or asshole Alex Jones seeds in his pea brain. The jackass doesn't know diplomacy from diploma mills.


I wonder if Trump has tapped into intelligence to find people on social media whe are complaining about what he is doing?

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