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Does anybody think that moving our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem will increase the possibility of a peaceful settlement between Israel and the Palestinians? Just interested in reading different points of view.

ashley44 7 May 14

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No and that is why our previous leaders held off on moving it. Since it was decided decades ago that a two state was possible the population was rather small, ; Now we have 2.5 million people in the Gaza Strip which is roughly twice the size of Wash, DC. To move the embassy now shows the world that Muslims or Islamic religion means shit to us as we favor the Jews. We have been disgusting under this presidential idiot we have.

EMC2 Level 8 May 16, 2018

No - I am really down about the whole news and am definitely going to boycott (girlcott) All Israeli goods, was trying to ring the co-op to find out what their sources are of oranges nd lemons etc. I really want to do something but don't know what and the worst is they cry victim every time even though they are the ones with the army the land and the killing technology.


Israeli historians reveal the terrror against Palestinians...[]


Israel was created by Jewish terrorist groups such as the Irgun and Stern Gang operating against the British and Palestinians. This terror drove out the Palestinians in 1948. Israel has continually expanded and continues to defy international law. We should cut off all aid.

How can we get our governments to do that?


Just another expansion of the invasion and occupation by the mentally ill zionists


Not only do I not believe it will foster any peaceful resolution to the conflict, I believe nothing will until there are no such thing as Palestinian people. Until Israel has completed their genocide of the Palestinian people and taken over their entire country uncontested will the conflict end. Netanyahu has said as much, in not so many words.

You mean Palestinian

@Krish55 I sure do! I'm gonna fix that right now!


Hell no


No as it moves to preclude Jerusalem as a capital for Palestinians
Solution: make the city an open international site


I don't think it helps OR hurts the peace process. I think it is appropriate for the Israelis to embrace a move that recognizes and reinforces their status as a democratic country.

What will help the peace process? When the world accepts that Israel rightfully exists and that Israelis and Palestinians should not be used as pawns (by Netanyahu and the evangilists, Palestinian Authority, Arab countries and Iran, US and the west). When the hard liners (leaders of both Israel and Palestinians) are replaced by more thoughtful moderates who reject outside influence, there will be peace. There's too many players in this small region.
People want to blame Israel because it's easy to blame the Jews and but this situation is more complicated than that.


I see the move as an embarrassment. Make that a further embarrassment because our national leadership is already embarrassingly harnessed by the Zionist criminal enterprise calling itself a "Democracy". The whole world seems to see this save Britain's leadership and Micronesia...

We've gone, since my parents' 'Greatest Generation' that defeated rabid racist, Fascist regimes that threatened the world and mass murdered innocent people to become latter day supporters and enablers of the very same behavior.

Moving our embassy to illegally occupied and soon annexed territory is tacit continued support for atrocities, for crimes against humanity for which we'd punish and oppose any other nation on Earth but the criminal state and counterfeit Jewish homeland calling itself Israel.


This could get really bad and probably will. Along with the withdrawal from the Iran agreement things could really get out of hand.


it's going to just cause more hate and wars


I feel it hurts our chances for any peaceful resolution in the Middle East. Coming the same week we back out of the Iran Nuclear treaty just makes it worse.


For peace, we need to quit supporting Israel.

clearly you don't understand the complicated dynamics of this regional conflict

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