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Would you rather shrug off a religious persons conversation towards religion or challenge it? Is it more pleasurable to let that ship sink on its own or to "push" the ship down as the captain stays on board seemingly knowing(assuming) his/her own fate?

AurionSaiph 3 Dec 13

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I have a question I ask all believers when they begin pushing religious beliefs in my direction. It goes something like this:

Believer: "Blah blah blah. Blah blah, blah blah blah."

Me: "Hmm. Is it possible that what you believe is wrong?"

So, why do I ask this question? If they say, "Yes, I suppose I could be wrong," then we have room for discussion. If they say, "No. I know it's real because...," there is nothing to discuss, and I walk away.

I admit, there are times when I will engage, but that is governed by their approach and demeanor.


Let it sink on its own. I had to come here of my own free will. Pushing me down would only make me pitty and want to save that person. that's a word. Used to make people feel theyre getting rescued...yeah right! Why fight them? They get stronger if you do.


There are a lot of variable with this question. First off, it depends on who is talking, how they are relating the subject matter to whatever point they are getting across, the mood I am in at the time, and if it's really worth any energy to bring up my views on it all. There have been a few instances where I explain things, get my message across, and no more is said. Other times, I just let that ship sail and sink.


I can make any Christian walk away out of exasperation. I know of some logical fallacies. I got in a conversation of god at work with my bosses. They sounded delusional. Seeing jesus in a dream... Dreams aren't real. My GM told the new assistant manager, "Sarah doesn't believe in god." Um, nice introduction there.

Always been the hardest thing for me ..shuttin up at work…

They all know I'm an atheist.


Too many generations before us had to tolerate, even participate in it. I’d like to grind it into the sidewalk like a cigarette butt. And yes, I’d engage with them - cuz obviously I find it near impossible to shut up 😉

Varn Level 8 Dec 14, 2017

Depends on the context. If it is about the existence of a god, then I would shrug it off. No need to waste time discussing what cannot be (dis)proven.


I kinda love discussing things that are completely made up and meaningless so challenge is the way I go.




mostly shrug it off because it's getting really fucking boring


It depends largely on the manner in which the religious person is pursuing his/her argument. Ifhe/she is going about it in a pleasant style without huge grossly and knowingly false statements, I am likely to simply drift away. On the other hand, aggressively pushy people who make grossly false statements and try to push them down other's throats get my hackles up quickly. I am much more likely to come back at such a person strongly and seek to discredit their entire argument.


Can't win an argument with a believer. If they have Faith, it always boils down to it. And that is an argument/discussion killer. But nuances of belief are fun to discuss.


Depends on how badly I'd like to see that particular religious captain drown.

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