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I saw a person on here basically imply that they were offended by an older man calling women "female" when he didn't appear to mean anything negative by it. I didn't know that would be considered offensive by anyone unless they were transgender or something and the comment about it got a few "likes". Female is a scientific term as far as I know and I don't yet see a problem with it. I have used the term female to denote a girl and/or woman without hinting at the age, same with males. She might be extreme but have some valid point I need to be explained. I asked her why she didn't appreciate that term but she has since been on here but didn't respond to my question. Any thoughts from others who would consider themselves reasonably PC? I was just kind of surprised about that being a problem and others agreeing without explaination.

I can empathize with not wanting to be identified by gender or sex too, but when someone looks feminine or masculine I would also think they shouldn't get offended by it unless they asked someone specifically to address them as otherwise IE they vs he/she...

ClaytonE83 7 May 15

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I once said that my post was for "ladies only," since it was about their opinions of men's behavior on dates, and was immediately attacked by a woman for using the term "ladies."

I kept asking what term was OK to use, and the only one that wasn't nixed was "woman."

This is difficult for me to grasp, since I resemble a normal, cis female but I don't identify with either gender. I don't mind being referred to by either female or male pronouns, but neither gender label seems to have anything to do with my self-identity.

For that reason, I appreciate cis women telling me what gender labels make them feel comfortable, since I can't speak from the perspective of a "fellow woman."

All my life, I felt puzzled that I felt a flash of rage whenever anyone used a female pronoun or label for me. I also choked back anger whenever someone used my female name. After I realized I'm a partial transmale, in 2014, I understood male side was outraged at being mislabeled as a GURL.

I discovered that a common Thai herb, derris scandens, found here in Thailand but also sold on Amazon and eBay, blends my male and female gender modes into a blended androgyne personality that accepts both gender sides, and doesn't take offense at gender labels anymore.

But I still love it when my ex, who came out as nonbinary female in 2016, calls me by my chosen male name and says things like, "How are you doing, man?.
I also call her by female pronouns and her chosen female name, because I understand how it feels.

Thanks for the comment 🙂


Without knowing the context and exact verbiage, no conclusion can be made.

Fair enough, now that I know more I'm no longer concerned about it. Thank you for the response and neutrality.


You know what it seems today that there are so many people in this world who can find away to take offence at anything, everything and everybody.
It must so bloody gruelling for them being that sanctimonious, negative and volatile all day everyday.
Chill out, eat a Mars bar and watch something funny on the googlebox, you'll feel better for it I promise.

True but on some issues society is behind and I can see why they are offended. For instance, many things about religions are offensive but those that are indoctrinated are unaware or fail to understand why or don't care...

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