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I had quite a day today. Nothing earth shattering at all, but busy with farm stuff. I went to give the momma pig her lunch and took her a couple of sweet potatoes for a treat. She has 9 babies. She has earned her treats. I went out to visit the horses and work on bonding with my new guy, and found the donkey was out. She is a sneaky little gal. I found her in my front yard and brought her back up to the arena, since she can't get out of that. She is pregnant, so we want her to be where we can find her. Then I found horse poop in my yard, so the biggies were out too, but had gotten back in, so I used to the poop to spread on my flower seeds and the pussy willow that I planted. My dog and I went out into the new pasture to be and found a couple of things that we would not want the horses to get into, and carried them back out of the pasture. While doing all of this I swallowed 2 blackflies and acquired a deer tick. That little bastard better not have given me Lymes. I also have baby hummingbirds at my feeder. Hard to believe how tiny they are. I am 71 and finally living the dream. I do love it here.

Wisewoman3 7 May 16

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You've drawn the picture of John Adams POTUS 2 farmer without slaves like 1,3,4,5,7,et al did enslave until 12 Emancipated all in treason states 13th Amendment was supposed to end all chattel slavery but mandatory pregnancy laws make brood sows out of poor women without money or travel to distant clinics. ....enjoy your Walden TWO, I envy you wishing I had some EMU and some fast draft horses to breed and ride

Our sow didn't have to travel, since her boyfriend lives here too. She was chasing him around, without mercy till he was exhausted, after servicing her several times. Our Gypsy Cobs and my Gypsy/Fjord cross are really extremely wonderful. Swallowing the blackflies is something that happens at least once or twice a year, which is yucky, but a small price to pay to live the good life. The tick is another issue.

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