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@Admin a few photos for all Senators to ponder on to use to promote the presence of throughout the world by doing similar at other land marks.
. The ribbons adorning St Patrick's cathedral are in commiseration of those molested by priests... Are they evidence of lack solidarity amongst xtian sects or simply discriminatory hatred of Catholics?
After hiding in the Vatican and frustrating attempts to get him in front of a court the following was reported by the ABC - [] - Pell is or was the senior representative of the Catholic Church in Australia.

FrayedBear 9 May 16

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@TheMiddleWay and @SarahJustMe I still maintain that you are wrong. This is a post for discussion within the Senate however it also has opening for comment from all members.

I refute the points that you raise with the following statements:

1 . Promotion of site is a day to day activity that is the responsibility of all members.
2 . New concept. I do not read every post but have not previously seen this raised as a method to promote It is therefore something not previously raised or discussed in the Senate.
3 . The future plan is evident to any without malice in their hearts. The plan is to create a series of photographs of the T shirt in equally prominent places around the world. This will identify as a world wide movement and not just some isolated, in the minds of the religious, crackpot in Ballarat, Australia.

The complaints and behaviour simply makes a mockery of the Senate.

@TheMiddleWay The whole post is addressed to @Admin and as yet no one has has identified how the 3 points fail the group test.

@TheMiddleWay I understand that english is not your first language but your failure and reiteration of your failure to explain how you conclude thus or answer my questions has become abusive.


That's a lot of ribbons! Note: I'm moving this post to the main forum.

Admin Level 9 May 16, 2018

It is a senate issue on promotion of how to get more widely known. The ribbons are incidental. But perhaps you have not noticed that each photo in the post includes a T-shirt? Will you also be moving my original post regarding the T-shirt if you move this one?

The ribbons also are only present in 20% of the photos posted.

The ribbons as much as anything represent discrimination against the Catholic faith by non-catholics.

@FrayedBear Oh, just wanted to give your post more visibility. No worries. 🙂

@Admin Please note that I have edited the post to clarify its purpose to enable the understanding by the challenged Senators and those with ADD or inability to understand English .
I suggest that it be shared back into this group.
However isn't it more appropriate in the site administration topic than being buried in religious posts?


Sexual abuse of children is a huge issue. I worked for 8 years with an organization that dealt with sexual assault and domestic violence issues. Unfortunately in many instances of sexual assault with children the perpetrator is either a family member, family relative or family friend. If you belong to a church, the minister is most likely a family friend. We need to provide information to children about what is Ok and not Ok in bodily touching by others. "Stranger Danger" is not enough. It is necessary for this information to start in the home when the child is very young. If the abuse is happening in the home the problem balloons in size and severity. We need to assist people who work in this field in any way we can, lobbying for better laws, donating time and $$$ to organizations that do this work, and becoming advocates.


All well and good, but where is the subpoena for the evil swine who covered for so many child molesters
for so many years

The subpoena is in the same place as the ones for all those clerics advocating crusade, jihad, genocide, rape, circumcision, chosen races and eternal damnation of none believers.

@FrayedBear Oh Utah then?

@LenHazell53 if that's where they are lodged, yes.


May the wheels of the Justice mill, whilst slow, grind thoroughly.


And the extent of the xtian hatred of Catholics as expressed by the tying of those ribbons to the railings.

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