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Israel has taken a beating from the press because of their militant response to the Palestinians protesting the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. Next day hind sight has given us a new view.
Most of the protesters killed this week by Israeli fire along the border with the Gaza Strip were members of Hamas, the militant group said Wednesday, an admission that deepens the starkly different narratives on both sides over the deaths.
Israel, which has faced blistering international criticism over its response, is likely to latch on to the remarks to bolster its claims that Hamas has used the weekly border protests as cover to stage attacks.

OldGoat43 9 May 16

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I totally understand your view & am no fan of BIBI or The Donald or this useless incendiary move to Jerusalem Thanks Jarad. But the 6 Day War proved who was the bully's victim. Israel was attacked from all sides by Egypt, Syrian, Jordan & the United Arab Emirates. The territory they won fairly was the Sinai which was returned to Egypt. The Golan Heights are a strategic military area still held as a security necessity. The West Bank & Gaza were given to assuage the "Palestinians". Gaza is ruled by HAMAS which is a terrorist organization & foments trouble constantly. The West Bank has settlement issues but attempts to work it out are always sabotaged. One doesn't see the Israeli Arabs who vote & have all the rights of any citizen. Plus Israel permits religious observances by their Arab population in all of the holy places. Whereas when Jordan controlled the Old City only Islam was permitted.


When doesn't Israel take a beating. The only democracy in the mid-east. Never the 1st to fire a shot. The Israeli Arabs are not the ones attacking. Its HAMAS, & not the West Bank Arabs. I guess that is not good enough for the world.


As a member of US Navy I had liberty port in haifa, israel. We were told not to go to the Arab Ghetto because if something happens in any part of the world and they come down to round up the Usual Suspects you may not have a chance to identify yourself as american citizen. israel is the last nation to attack and attempt to sink an American Warship (USS Liberty in the 60's) and US did nothing about it, 38 sailors died in the attack. I know all I need to know about israel.


Israel has maintained apartheid rule over Palestinians for years, continuing encroachment into Palestinians territory, denying access to food, water and healthcare Imaging Canada encroaching, stealing US border land? US media (controlled by?) covers up the Israeli terrorism. US media has a habit of reporting Hamas or Palestinian terroristic activities, rarely, if ever Israeli activities.

Tomas Level 7 May 17, 2018

If you don't like Hamas go ahead and kill some more...see what replaces them.


What is all this had to do with religion or spirituality?

Fanatics in religion are always in the news now.

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