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The albinos in Tanzania are seen as diabolic; many are killed and others -because local beliefs- are mutilated and their body parts eaten for good luck. Approximately U$S75,000 are paid for body parts. In the best of cases an albino son / daughter is abandoned...but generally are killed. The government is "thinking" about building a place where to house them. Tanzania has the highest number of albinos in the world.



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I know I have seen many different news articles about that. It's beyond sad. They think that they are disposable. They think that they are not worth saving.


A recent article in the National Geographic had a story of this. It is shameful.

As much as is shameful the world indifference.

@DUCHESSA I also remember a NG story about slavery. It was stated the level of global slavery is the highest ever. However, due to the present population the rate of slavery is low!? It's not about the numbers but how the numbers are measured.

@JackPedigo Is not even about how the numbers are measured but about the repulsive mentality of some people who think they can enslave a human being.

@DUCHESSA There was a story in the Atlantic that appeared a year ago about an American family that lived in India and had a personal servant. She went with the family when they returned to their country. One son wrote the story and was full of remorse. He said the family had gotten so used to her being around they didn't question how she was being used. She didn't either.


It's been going on for a very long time sadly.
here is a link to a NYT article from 2008: []
It's witchcraft belief: "The problem is, the people who follow witch doctors don't question them."
It's a similar problem as trying to save the white rhino (which is no longer), the only option is armed guards 24/7 which is costly.
Just sad.


I watched a documentary on this a few years ago and it was heartbreaking.

I want to know what the Vatican is doing about this atrocity.


I heard about that around a year ago. It's sad and crazy.


It is horrible, ghastly, an abomination. Barbaric.


Truly, truly sad. I wonder if they can come here as endangered refugees? I'd donate to that.

What can't find room in my mind is the Tanzania government ignoring this situation.

@DUCHESSA. Same as any other government 😟


I have no words...

When I got the video I was speechless during several minutes...I couldn't hold my tears. The atrocities human beings are capable of border on the diabolic.


Yikes. That's crazy

More like pure ignorance.

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