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How likely do you think a long distance relationship would actually work out? It’s easy to FaceTime and spend quite a bit of time getting to know each other, and another of following through and meeting. I’m open to it, especially since I don’t see many guys in my area, but worry that I’ll waste quite a bit of time on something that will never come to fruition. What are your thoughts?

PinkPassion 5 May 18

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Use the time get know the person,make sure their real and speak often hear who they are and see how that makes you fell.Be honest.If you want get together who would move and give up what they have?


I was in a long distance relationship and am married now. As it has been said it is tough but doable.


Its tough. But doable.


It depends are both of you capable and committed enough to make headway in actually seeing each other?

Are you just using the long distance idea to avoid having to actually risk interacting with a person and the issues that might crop up with That?

I did the long distance thing once and it didn't work out but the important thing was we actually were committed to giving it a shot..

She was in Oregon and I was in Virginia so..We planned and I visited her in Oregon and she visited me in Virginia(and the most important factor in all this) we both put in for half the travel fare of of each other's trip.So in other words we both committed financially to seeing each other. That's the really important part.Both contributing so you get to see each other.


Idk.... my kid had a solid one for 2 years. Of course when it hit "go time" for them to meet in person he always chose THE WORST TIMES POSSIBLE to come visit (uh people are DYING over here? Kinda busy maybe???) Once things calmed down he flaked. It sucked because I really liked him. Proud of my girl tho, she's been very good at not suffering fools.

I've only had one-ish, pre-internet. It wasn't much more than a 10 year long "flirtation" as a result of a 1 night stand.
But.... if your(global) needs in being matched are "particular" such as say... needing a fellow non believer with similar interests what else can you do?

/I don't always join a dating-ish site(never in fact until THIS one), but WHEN I do.... become enamored with someone across the street LOL


Physical touch is very important to me so I don't think it would work out for me. But what do you consider long distance? If they're a couple hours away and we just see each other on weekends then I could probably deal with it. If it's a plane ride away I could not.

Another state. I’m in Maine and they’re in Florida or California.

@Shelton yep. Online dating is a bit complicated. All relationships have their challenges but distance is a complication that probably will never come to fruition


In my experience, it rarely works out. It's highly unlikely that I'll be attempting it again.


Been there, done that, never again.


I'm in one currently and it's the healthiest and happiest relationship I've ever been in (we're going on two years). I'd say give it a shot--better to have loved and to have lost than to never have loved at all, right? 😉

Mea Level 7 May 18, 2018

@Elusia8, it's all about how well you communicate with your partner. You both have to also really want it, but it is very rewarding.


Time is NEVER wasted in the pursuit of happiness. Just because something does not work out doesn't mean it's not worthwhile. Hell, that happens in local relationships too. 🙂 Open mindedness is what is needed.


I never had much luck with long distance relationship! I am certain that I had something specifically in mind and that is why they never worked! I would be open to friendship, but would not put much hope for romantic attraction as that would take time to find a match!


It can work out if both are amenable to it. I speak from experience.

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