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Another U.S. school mass shooting, this time in Santa Fe, Texas.


Ellatynemouth 8 May 18

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This " Dimitri" mass murdering classmate is sure to be outed as a rejected lover feeling male entitlement and shame from all who are "mean" talking to him. ....the penis is too often equated with bullet shooting sperms. ....if only all boys were taught to be Feminist men knowing all fertilized human ova are FEMALE and ovaries do not descend into labia until very late during gestation to become testicles and scrotum. and Atheism can save future generations from theocracy and patriarchy=senseless violent faiths

I agree. The Patriarchy hurts men. It tells them they're entitled, but then they get a shock when they don't get what they expect.

Misogynists have higher rates of depression apparently, which is not surprising considering half the world's population is something they hate. It must feel isolating.

@Ellatynemouth alienation from our true nurturing humanity is the price we all pay for military cults creationist cults greedy cults racist cults and so many other violent fringes drawing children and adults away from our true single human tribe. ...acting out with dope guns knives obsession with careers all cause people to lose sight of our nearest loving neighbor or healer


Yes. I completely agree.


Like Malcom (Little) X said : " The cocks have come home to roost " ....USA has always lived by guns not butter or books. ...when people "thank me for my service" US Navy '71'73 I often tell them why be thankful for murdering 3.5 million Buddhists and poisoning countless xian US military with Agent Orange ???? Uncle Sam won't admit my ears were blown out @ TopGun NAS Miramar causing TBI jet engine blast TINNITUS but the mother fucking VA hospitals do shove hearing aids into my ears so I can hear more lies for more war crime polluter oil profiteering gangsters like ReaGUN daddy Bush Slick rapist Willie Bleigh alias Clinton boy Bush wasn't even elected Obusha Obombney with Billary and now TrumpOLINI. ....all war criminals murdering women&children. surprise USA students want to show how to silence people to death



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