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Cuban air tragedy.

A Mexican leased aircraft crashes killing over 100.

A tragic accident or a CIA attack?



Ellatynemouth 8 May 18

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Probably a tragic accident. The CIA, formidable organization though it is, can't be behind every bad thing that happens, even things that happen to the Godless Commies.


Where is the evidence to suggest the CIA? Why them as well?

If you read the second link in the original post.

@Ellatynemouth I have no doubt that the CIA is involved in evildoing but after reading both links I am not getting it


A 39 year old plane and the first thing you come up with is the CIA? Get real.On a domestic flight no less?

Have you read the second link in my original post?

The CIA brought down a Cuban airliner before.

I am "getting real" as you say, which is why I posted this. But it could be an accident too.


Shooting down civilian aircraft to kill a spy or destroy contraband has been happening for 90 years. ....take off is the easiest time to murder people igniting a full load of fuel. ...Long Island shoot down was covered up by alleged oxygen tank explosion NTSB liars attacking the character of many witnesses who saw the rocket acend to the passenger jet

Yes. There were hundreds of witnesses who saw the missile. The authorities went into over drive to silence them. Cameras and photos were confiscated.

The TWA flight was definitely a US Navy accident, which was covered up. Many people don't believe the government's official line. This is not a common or garden conspiracy theory either, it's a blatant cover up to save face.

I don't think there will ever be justice for flight 800. Maybe in decades to come leaked documents will vindicate the eye witnesses.

@Ellatynemouth religion is the oldest conspiracy while telling the truth about great crimes is vilified by theocrats and fake news paid millions of dollars per year like Ruuuusssshaaaah Dingy Crazy LimpBOSS Slammity and other radio cults brainwashing people in their cars or captive audience at fascist jobsites


why would you jump to CIA?


@Ellatynemouth 404 error. what did it say?


I've added the link to my original post.



Yes. Check your news feed, if you have one.



@KKGator I know the plane crashed. The seriously was about CIA involvement.

@Mikeb56 Ah. Gotcha.


Of course. Let's all jump to conclusions. That's always fun.

I would not be surprised either way. They've done it before.



I beg your pardon?
Why would the CIA have any interest in blowing up passenger aircraft?

If you read the second link in my original post...

@Ellatynemouth I only read the first link but comparing this to an incident in 1971 during the Cold War is still somewhat tenuous.


The second link is crucial. The United States has been waging a covert war against Cuba, hence the embargo.

@Ellatynemouth I don't think it is crucial. I think it's irrelevant because the world has changed in the last 47 years. Unless you have any evidence that this is a CIA operation then your speculation is just unsubstantiated mischief-making.You may just as well blame the PLO because I remember they blew up some planes in the 70's didn't they?


I respectfully disagree. The United States has not changed its stance on Cuba. The embargo remains and the perpetrator of the CIA borne Cuban airline attack remains free.

@Ellatynemouth That's your evidence? Then I too, respectfully, disagree.


Huh, this is Friday the 18th?

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