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There is no objective reality. There is only an objectionable reality. Discuss.

PhitDoctor50 7 May 18

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I believe in "Objective Reality." It is an agreed upon construct that reflects what is repeatedly verifiable.

I know there are many who dispute various facts. eg: there are some that deny that cell phones use radio waves. To in any way support their perspective of "reality" is a worthless endeavor.

1+1=2 This has been true for ever. To object to this is a reflection of stupidity.

I got no time for silly post-modern total relativism.


We Don't See Things The Way They Are.We See Things The Way We Are.Everone Has Their Own Personal Reality.

Coldo Level 8 May 19, 2018

Whatever we think reality is, we still have to just deal with it. That includes religion.


I agree that reality is not objective on the whole, however it is filtered through each individuals personal perception and understanding of the reality we all share. Some are able to admire things that others are not. Some have knowledge that said their understanding of reality that others lack. And some are able to effect the reality of others through action while some feel that isn't necessarily a good thing or something they themselves can achieve. But, overall, reality is shared by most.


I find the presence of of some realities more objectionable than others. Bernie Sanders' reality is not objectionable to me whatsoever, but Donald Trump's reality should be buried deep within Yucca Mountain to avoid human contamination. ?


Of course there is an objective reality, try walking through any wall.


There is an objective reality and it is subjective. I am that reality, along with you. “We” are conscious awareness itself. The physical world of the senses is symbolic only, needed only for organizing data.


Don't wanna....


I think what you are trying to say is that there is no such think as universal truth, there is only the perception of truth. For instance, 1+1=2, unless you are adding 1 ton plus 1 lb then it equals 2001 lbs. I say this because more often than not what we consider a universal truth can be obviscated by people with alternate agendas. In this age of Trump truth is easily manipulated to appease the political view of about 30% of America.


I find most things about the reality i am embedded in objectionable.

1+1=2. We started there and built. It still works.

@HoaryMarmot "HoaryMarmot " great alias.


The Greek word for self is "idios." Our word "idiot" comes from it. (The next comment is in no way about anyone here.) The root meaning of "An Idiot" is therefore someone who only makes sense to himself!


Since there is no objective reality, I guess I am just imagining this post. I will therefore overcome my illusion and not reply to this mirage.


We need there to be an objective reality whether there is one or not. Democracy and fairness are impossible without it. Without a reference outside ourselves all is chaos.

skado Level 9 May 18, 2018

Exactly what was said below. There possibly are facts that are better not to know but you won’t know until you know them anyway.


Umm... no, there is objective reality. Objectively, there are scientific facts. There is objective history, as in the date of the Battle of Gettysburg or Waterloo. The laws of physics are objective facts. 12 inches equals 1 foot. 100 centimeters equals 1 meter. E=mc squared. This is objective reality.

You could debate that every individual has a unique perception of this reality, therefore meaning that there is no objective reality at all, only a collection of subjective perceived realities... but the objective reality exists without anyone perceiving it. The tree makes a sound when it falls, regardless of anyone being there to hear it.

You can, if you wish, find certain objective facts objectionable- but those facts are objective and they exist despite your disapproval.

Sound is produced by the brain and not by a falling tree. A falling tree produces vibrating waves that propagate through the air and if those waves are detected by some source (the brain), they will be transformed into what we perceive as sound. That is my understanding and correct me if I am wrong.

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