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Something for the NRA to mull over today.

PickledRick 8 May 18

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It’s already against the law for civilians to own a full auto M4 like they use in the military so what in the hell are you talking about??

Nothing you would be able contemplate about.


Very few people have such weapons and as far as crimes go, percentage wise, handguns account for 99% of assault and murder caused by firearms. That being the case, such arguments should be focused on the guns that cause problems. Or, better yet, worry about background checks and push for psychological testing, as a part of said background checks. Car "accidents", kill more people every year, than all the people, on both sides, that died in Vietnam, we blame the drivers, not the Car...

Better gun control laws are needed. I just don't see why anyone NEEDS an automatic/semi automatic weapon?

All guns owned by citizens should be banned. Your BS will never change my mind, Go Away please

@buzz13 You are assuming I disagree with you. Get a life, or a personality. 😉

@PickledRick If we ban guns only criminals will have them. You go ahead and give up your guns or if you don’t own any that’s fine also. I plan on keeping mine no matter what you liberal gun control idiots do.


We, Canadians, feel for our Southern neighbors. Please do something about the killings.

You Canadians need to concentrate on getting rid of that idiot Trudeau and let us Americans worry about our gun rights. Hell in Canada you don’t even have the right to carry a 357 magnum revolver to protect yourself from dangerous wildlife.

@Trajan61 enjoying you trolling... you're funny.




A man who knows whereof he speaks.


For the rabid second amendment folks - they would argue otherwise, and probably shoot you for disagreeing as well !


I agree with the Vet.

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