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Hello everyone, today as I'm playing PC games my bells rings. Wasn't expecting anyone in particular but figured must be a friend so I opened my door to find a nice elderly man and a younger one with watchtower books. From past experiences I knew it was J.W.
The elderly man had trouble hearing and was leaning close to me to speak and show me this "amazing" book he just had to share with me. So I leaned closer, put my hand on his arm told him if this had anything to do with religion I was not at all interested and thanked him for wanting to share.
The look on the elderly man's face once he understood what I said frankly made me feel bad.
What do you guys think about the emotional tactic the JWs use, and how have you dealt with them in the past?

Seph 6 May 19

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Years ago i worked on one of their mega yachts as a mate/stewardess and they never tried converting me, just appreciated the work i did for them. however, after moving to sc and before fencing my yard, they used to come like clockwork, once a month and try to get in my face and were very rude about it, telling me that the ONLY thing i could for them not to come to my door was place no soliciting signs up.... so even after contacting their division here and writing them letters asking them not to bother me, they would still come so i finally put signs up... i'm glad it worked.


I used to live in a heavily student populated area of Cardiff the tactic there was old guy very ptetty/ handsome young person and they invited you to a party at the church .the other wasvtisnens out a young married couple who would approach people saying to you I'd like to introduce you to my wife and she wants to ask you to a party . I used to just laugh and walk away .


Ain't you kind of old to be playing pc games?

Yeah somebody his age should definitely own a playstation 4 by now


I love it them and the lds that come around.
you want to come to my door and talk to me about your religion ok make sure you know more about it than I do or your going to be in for a bad time. Sad thing is they usually walk away once the younger ones start agreeing with me 10/15 minutes in normally.


I don't answer my door to anyone I have not invited over. PERIOD.

I live off the beaten path. If I see the JW or any other religion coming, I make sure I'm naked when I answer the door. If I have a friend or two over, they usually join me. Sometimes the JW run. Sometimes they leave skid marks.


How about you knock on their door in an effort to sell them Islam, Sikhism or Buddhism? You'll soon realise you're encroaching on their space. It's disrespecting their agency and autonomy too.

Insistent theists knocking on people's doors to convert people reminds me of drug pushers. They are pushing their 'opium'.


I tell them I am not interested and I do my own thing.


Release the hounds!

hahahahaha, great answer!


I politely dismiss them. If they persist, I inform them that they are trespassing and demand to see their solicitor's permit ( which are required where I live ).


They believe they are doing "God's" work and are saving us. In fact they are invading my space and privacy.


I have a different perspective - here are people who so believe in their cause that they risk being insulted, thrown down the steps, doors being slammed in their faces and so on - yet, they keep at it - I admire that determination whether it be them or someone knocking on the door asking me if I want my lawn mowed. I typically tend to politely send them on their way but there have been a couple of times that I not only made a friend but also had very interesting conversations as soon as I asked them to set their bible aside. The friend I made remains in contact with me today and we've come to know each other's family and he continues to send me copies of the Watchtower which from time to time has some interesting articles. I tend not to take it personally - they don't know whose door they're knocking on - they're not trying to do anything mean spirited and so I see no sense in getting all worked up about it.

Passionate beliefs also lead to people cutting children's genitalia, embarrassing women into not driving and wearing robes from head to toes, burning them based on accusations, drinking camel urine for medicinal purposes, baptizing dead people whom died because of being part of another religious group, and on some occasions attaching C4s to their chest before setting it off in a public place. Passion can be good and bad, I don't think passion in itself should be seen as a good thing.

Thank you for sharing though.

@Seph I think you're drawing parallels where none should be drawn. I wasn't talking about Muslim extremists - or people that drink urine or forbid their wives from driving. My comment was specific to harmless JW's that knock on the door despite the risks.


"If it's religion, I'm sorted thanks" and gently close the door.


I don't feel bad for being short or abrupt with them. They are rude to show up unannounced and without invitation. They are intruding on my time and space, and spare time is not in abundance in my life. IF I answer the door I tell them very quickly that I am NOT interested and please do not visit again. I am thinking of putting a sign out that says "No Solicitors".

Yes, I guess I was raised to respect the elderly and I felt they played up that card. I can be rude, abrupt, dismissive but I tend not to do it with the elderly.

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