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I have a dream: that this site will become popular enough to attract the attention of main-stream atheists and that I would be able to debate/discuss/interact with them re: my agnosticism vs. their atheism.

My biggest dream is going toe to toe with Sam Harris and discussing what I don't like about his views and having a chat with Daniel Dennett to discuss what I love about his.

I like to think that all my interactions on this site are good preparation for that main event. 😀😀😀

TheMiddleWay 8 May 19

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The Atheist Experience TV show is dedicated to that kind of debate. You should call them up.

I'm a nobody though. It would be on the coat-tails of this site that I could get any notice as I see it. 😛

@TheMiddleWay -- And what is the point?

The point is the same point of any debate for me: get to know my views better and present my interlocutor with perhaps a different point of view they can use (or not).


hahaha! I will pop the popcorn for the elusive "battle royale'" once the time comes. lol

Sadoi Level 7 May 19, 2018

I hope it happens for you.

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