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This innocuous looking building standing at the corner of Elm Street and First Street, Chillicothe, Missouri USA holds a well deserved claim to fame:


Ellatynemouth 8 May 19

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Good thing it's there 'cause there's not another single interesting thing in that town.


I am not so sure slicing bread is such a great idea. ....there is so much waste in the food industry and so little baking going on in our homes....I loved my great Aunt Mabel because she made everything fresh from her garden and her oven. ...especially in winter a warm oven is much better than a coal furnace


A slice of knowledge which this lover of trivia has enjoyed learning. Thank you. Peace.


It takes a 'foreigner' to tell us what we have had in our own backyard. Thanks.

@Ellatynemouth I apologize if you misread my post. You didn't offend me at all. I quite honestly thanked you for telling us about it.

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