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Can atheists and agnostics get along? I know that they can because my son is an atheist and I am agnostic, and though we have had philosophic disagreements, we respect each others right to our point of view and he is my best friend in the world. Certain members have accused agnostics of being wafflers, and metaphorically believing in invisible frogs on Venus. I responded by accusing atheism of being a religion. All the above is conduct unbefitting a freethinker. We have enough in common that we can be good friends and have meaning exchanges without taking pot shots at each other. In the future the trolls will just be ignored.

splittingzero 6 Dec 15

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I've never heard of atheists and agnostics being that separated in belief.. I'm probably 99.99% atheist because, we don't know 100% yet if there is or isn't a deity, but the evidence is definitely leaning towards a universe that didn't need a god to start it.. agnostics/atheists are freethinkers, the fact that both have been freed of indoctrination is a great accomplishment in itself.. I see no argument that should exist between the two


Absolutely, much more likely than theists and non theists not eventually having issues.


In all the years I've been online and involved in discourse, this is the first forum where I've seen discord between a few atheists and agnostics. It's silly, childish.


imho Humanists of all flavours are able to discuss their individual points of view in a non threatening intercourse. I know of no religion that permits such openness. So they can get all thing just fine by respecting the others prerogative to differ.


I'm just trying to bite my tongue here. 😛


well, you answered your own question really.


It might help if you explain your beliefs and your son's beliefs, beyond just saying he is an atheist and you are an agnostic.

Many here identify as both agnostic and atheist. By the definition of the two words, agnosticism relates to a lack of knowledge while atheism relates to a lack of belief.

Most people who identify as agnostic do so because they claim not to know one way or the other, but to know is a separate question than to believe which is what atheism covers.

You are correct that the behaviours you described are not befitting those who call themselves freethinkers. We have a lot more in common than you think.

@splittingzero This is one of those issues that keeps us from getting along. heh

@SplittingZero, Neither atheism nor agnosticism have to do with whether the universe is an accident or not, and you are right not to accept his belief that it is an accident without proof. He is making a claim without proof and is no different than any religious person making a claim about the existence of god.

By the definitions I provided earlier, I would agree that you are agnostic to his belief about the nature of the universe and until he can provide evidence of his claim, it should be dismissed just as we dismiss the claims of the religious.

The next time you discuss it with your son, I would point out the dissonance of his dismissal of religious claims while holding onto his own evidence-less claim about the nature of the universe.


Yes, ignore the trolls. We have our own breed here. Those so uncertain of their current beliefs they want to debate anyone who will, those who carry a lot of pent up anger against theism, those who feel a need to shout "Science!!!" as so many theists would "Jesus!!!" or "Allah!!!".

I've noticed a sharp decline in most posts lately but perhaps I'm just not seeing the right ones. At any rate, ignoring them has been the best defense for me.

@DangerDave Science! hahaha


Agnostic atheist here, too. And, I don't understand how atheism can be considered a religion when all it is is the absence of belief in a god. Anti-theism might have more in common with a religion--but not atheism in itself.

splittingzero: I don't necessarily think that atheists "believe" the universe was an accident. I simply accept that science shows that the universe behaves just as it would without a creator being involved. Perhaps the universe, or maybe even multiple universes, is/are not accidental--but inevitable. And, if it/they is/are, there is still no need to invoke some sort of intelligence or cosmic purpose. Also, as an atheist I am completely open to evidence--if some is presented to me--I will give it due consideration as I do not say the universe could not have been created by some sort of being. I, as of yet, simply have no reason to believe it was.


They aren't exclusive. I am both. You pose your question like it is a race or something. Your "members" are silly and I think you might also be for entertaining them

Right. But just because something can't be proven it doesn't mean that it is likely. It is likely impossible to prove the existence of a god or not, but just because it can't be proven it does not make either case the same probability. So while I can't prove the existence of god, I see its lack of existence more likely than its chance of existence. Add to that that if there was a god or gods out there, its existence would be very obvious.

Atheism doesn't put any conviction upon the how or the why of the universe. For that you need another philosophy like nihilism or solipsism.


I'm an agnostic and an atheist. We get along just fine.


No need to judge. We are just at slightly different points on a common path.


Atheism isn't a religion. Do you have access to Google?

Many treat Atheism like it is a religion. Some people are as dedicated to Atheism as others are to their religion. To me, it's a facet of my life. But not my whole life.

Regardless of how much time or money someone chooses to spend on discussing atheism, or arguing against religion, that does not make atheism a religion.


I see no reason that we can't. I'm an Agnostic-Atheist, sort of halfway between the two if you will, and I have friends who are Agnostic and friends who are Atheists as well as friends who are religious. It doesn't affect our friendship because we respect each other's beliefs or lack thereof.


Nope not a chance. According to my holy book it clearly states that the cat in the hat as thing one and thing 2. All other things are not allowed and should be cast aside.


To take differences to a greater example, my brother and his family are all Mormons and Trump supporters. We get along great. We love each other very much. I think it's what you make your priorities. Mine are to be with family first. It doesn't change my politics or agnosticism at all. I just put that down for the time I am with them and love them. They do the same to me.


We've seen Catholics and Protestants fighting in Ireland. We've seen Sunnis and Shiites fighting in the Middle East. Something we never see is atheists and agnostics going to war against one another. 🙂

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