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Matt Dillahunty on Adam & Eve and the Absurdity of Original Sin

phxbillcee 9 May 20

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Please keep in mind as you hear this that without Genesis and the Garden of Eden story there would be no need of Jesus whatsoever. This is why the church world keeps this insanely absurd story in their Buybull book.


Thanks Phil...

Who's Phil???


Matt Dillahunty is terrific, a great mind and rhetoritician


This is my favorite discussion to bring up with Christians. They always ignore me at first and say "FREE WILL" but I have not once, walked away without making them reconsider their position. They don't admit it, but i can see the change.

I find that flashing fundies with a bit of biblical history boggles their collective mind, particularly when discussing the New Testament and the abhorrently twisted translations into English from the original Greek, Latin, Aramaic, and Hebrew found in the King James Version (KJV). The astonishment and disbelief they invariably feel are very threatening; it rattles them to their core. Pointing out their cherry-picking of verses to suit their ends always flabbergasts them and they have no direction to turn. I relish all that!

@Happyatheist As a former Fundamentalist I only use the Bible to make arguments. They will not listen to anything else. When you show them what their Bible says they have to work it out for themselves. I did read my Bible, I am an now an atheist.

@DavidLaDeau If I had the encyclopedic knowledge of chapter and verse that you do, my approach would be different, but I only have first-hand experience with actual translation of, and comparison to, the KJV version of John’s gospel from the Greek. Fortunately, I had a teacher who was a biblical historian and classicist, so I learned a broad spectrum of information that the average bible-thumper would never be exposed to.


Battered person relationship fits exactly into a god/human relantionship


Yes, nothing as jolly as inherited guilt. Once people have that in their minds, no matter what the heirs do or how much they try to make reparation, it's never enough. I especially shudder when people blame young children for the actions of a relative many miles away and threaten those children.


I believe that you will find that if you look at all religions, you'll find that at their essence the main driving force within is about trying to obtain control over others. The real reason for evangelizing is to find more people to control and solidify the perpetrator's own self-delusion. There seems to be no level that religions won't stoop to in order to obtain mind-control over others. They will engage in shaming, distraction, misdirection, lies, and mass murder to maintain their control. All of which, if interpreted through the lens of the moral parts of the bible, would be totally unacceptable to any rational, thinking person.

The King James Version was translated by the clergy for aristocrats so they could both rein in the ignorant, illiterate masses. As you probably know, the translations are so far off the originals it's comical.

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