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Good morning! So, I am back on fakebook b/c I wanted to let friends know about mom but anyway I see the link for this site and am so appauled by the comments these religious fucks say. I know I shouldn't let it bother me but they are saying such hateful things about people like us! Why do they have to comment at all? 😬

Presley1209 7 May 20

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Because their entire sense of being relies on their story to be true, those of us who know better, are a threat. Their "What if" is unthinkable to their kind.

What kills me is their penchant for questioning our morality! If they think that we cannot be moral without religion, it begs the question "Without their religion holding them back, would they somehow feel "liberated" and express pent-up amorality? Of course Bakker... Swaggert... Copeland... Osteen... Dollar (ETC.!) don't let their religion stop them from being amoral pricks!

Very well said! All those evangelists should be in jail as far as I'm concerned. Its hard to believe people are that stupid to give them their money in the first place.

@Presley1209 Right?! To think that folks willingly give them 10s of MM of dollars just to talk. And people complain about the hourly rate of psychatrists/psychologists....

@TomNKC Ha! Great point!


Because they're stupid

Athos Level 5 May 20, 2018

I concur but they are mean as well.


We are, by our very nature, a threat to their entire belief system.


Because they are indoctrinated by their churches and religious leaders to obey.

Yes, that too.


Because they are morons, perhaps ???


Because they know that what they believe and preach is irrational and small minded so they have to try to bully the other side. That's the method they use - and that behavior is emboldened by the behavior of their civic roll model. Fear, ignorance, bigotry and hate dominate their perspective.

Well its so irritating!

@Presley1209 agreed!


do they have to comment at all?
Because they are religious fucks.

Question asked and answered in your OP 😀


They don't like people who "Think" for themselves.Or oppose their " Beliveing"

Coldo Level 8 May 20, 2018
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