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I do not even own any guns but I support freedom! So what right does anyone have to take our freedoms away? The Christians want to take away the freedom of abortion. Now some crazy gun haters want to take away gun rights. Didn't we learn taking away freedoms was wrong after passing the anti terrorist act that gives the government the right to illegally wiretap Americans?

IpraiseMYSELF 6 May 21

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Fyi, taking away abortion is the freedom to m u r d e r someone...

so what!

@IpraiseMYSELF WOW ...


Some never learn.

Thank you for your support!

@IpraiseMYSELF If you're interested, being that you are pro gun rights check out this group I host- "Conservative Atheists"


Define freedom.

Free to do what you want in a totally selfish way which negates everybody else's freedom?

Or free to make choices that do not impinge on everyone else's choices?

Your freedom to swing your fist, ends just before it reaches my face.

Freedom has no limitations! Survival of the fittest is actually the closest to a freedom based society. The animals seem to live by it just fine.

@IpraiseMYSELF Then in that case, I do not support freedom. As a social animal, I do not want to be constantly looking over my shoulder to fend off the next attack. I prefer a co-operative based shared society where we all look out for each other - as far from the American ideal as I can get. 😉

@Uncorrugated If you have such a problem with America then leave!! No one is forcing you to stay here.

@IpraiseMYSELF I don't live in the USA and have no desire to live there either. With the exception of Monterey Bay, I have no desire to visit either.
An every man (and it is usually men) for himself culture often ends with massive inequality and just a small percentage of the population having any sort of freedom.

@Uncorrugated You do not know what freedom is! America is the worst place to live because we have no freedoms anymore, but we used to be more free than any one else in the world when this country was first started! It is sad and I am at the point where I do not want to live here anymore either. The truth is that people who live here in USA and still fight for freedom are on the front lines! You have no faith in humanity to do good and that is why you need government. The animals do not kill for fun only for food and survival. We as humans are also capable of the same lifestyle. The problem is that people have been brain washed by religions to believe they are generally bad! Just because you have been given the right to kill does not mean that you need to kill!


Equating guns to "freedom" is like equating death to recovery. Nobody can take away your freedom to die, but we would like to keep it from killing the rest of us.

While everyone equates guns with freedom, they ignore the fact that the greatest freedom granted in our Constitution is: LIFE, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Second Amendment is just that: an amendment... an afterthought. An idea structured so that it could be changed if it was determined that is was no longer practical. Any "freedom" that steals away another's freedom, especially their freedom to live, is not a freedom.

Guns are not the only weapons in the world! Rocks, sticks, feet, fists, knifes, bats, etc. When does the freedom bashing come to an end when we outlaw everything that could harm someone! Should we stop teaching martial arts as well because you are afraid to get hurt? What about money? That steals away peoples lives by putting them in debt their whole life and becoming a slave to the system!

@IpraiseMYSELF Guns are manufactured for one reason only—to kill: To make killing easier; To able to kill from further away; To kill more people at the same time; To be able to kill at night; To kill silently; To kill through walls; To kill while on the go; To kill through bullet -proof vests.

A baseball bat was created to hit baseballs so that a pitcher could throw a ball, and the batter could stand at the plate and hit the ball, and then try and run as many bases as he could. The baseball bat was created so that men and women, boys and girls, could all get together and eat hotdogs and drink beer (hopefully not the boys and girls) and all shout in unison, "We need a pitcher not a belly itcher."

Cars were designed and built to get us from one side of town to the other as quickly as possible, with bucket seats, air-conditioning, power windows, power steering, tinted glass, kick-ass stereo systems, digital music players, a sun roof and as much ease and comfort as the buyer can afford.

Now that that's out of the way, here's the real issue; you're comparing apples, oranges, and pears. They're all fruit, but not the same fruit. Guns kill people. That’s what they were designed to do. The entire purpose of the gun is to kill…

so abortion would also fit that bill, no?

@Benthoven So I guess we should outlaw martial arts in your opinion as well! Guns also provide protection and are used for hunting. I know one man who says guns were created to kill snakes! It seems to me that you are afraid of death since that is what you keep talking about. maybe you should invent a fantasy world called heaven so you can feel better about yourself when you get old and close to death.

@Benthoven, @blueskies there is nothing wrong with abortion! maybe I am not understanding your question, what re you trying to say?

@IpraiseMYSELF freedom of right to have an abortion = freedom to murder, so to say there is nothing wrong with murder is way past wrong.

@blueskies First of all, these issues have nothing to do with each other. I'm not even sure why you're trying to conflate them.

@Benthoven sorry, i can explain it to you but i cannot understand it for you. makes sense to me is all i can tell ya.

@blueskies You sound like a Christian hypocrite! Go tell it to jesus! You pay taxes that go to the military and they M U R D E R people all the time! I just talked to some marines who were laughing about killing raghead kids over in Iraq. There is nothing wrong with abortion because the baby is not alive until the umbilical cord is cut!

@blueskies, @Benthoven These issues have one thing in common. The fact that sorry freedom stealing hypocrites are trying to take these rights away! that's what they have in common.

@IpraiseMYSELF Not even that. One is about women's healthcare... a medical procedure, and the other is about instruments of death. They're as alike as cars and skateboards... both have wheels, but that's about all they have in common.


I think the problem here is that it's not taking away freedoms, but it's presented as such. Putting limits on freedoms is much different than taking freedoms away. Limiting certain types of guns or bump stocks is the same as saying no abortions after a certain time frame (20 weeks). The fact is that facts matter in these types of decisions. Unfortunately, facts are fake news nowadays and we as a collective people refuse to acknowledge that this is pitting us against each other as "us vs. them". The debate should be what is safe and protects all people while still allowing personal freedoms of expression and individuals' rights. How is it that it's illegal to track gun data as a health issue? How is it that it's ok to take a womans choice from her because of someone else's personal beliefs, not medical facts of what is safe and effective? As for the anti-terrorism acts and what not, we the people are the ones that keep voting for these anti-science, anti-bill-of-rights, anti-constitutional idiots into office to represent us. Until we take back our government, it will continue to be this way. We have to stop this thinking of, "well that's the way it's always been and always will be". Taking back our government and our rights is up to us. We're just too scared and lazy to do so. We've lost the community thinking for individual thinking, and it has cost us dearly.

LizL Level 5 May 21, 2018

Your right I still have the freedom to do whatever I want even if it is illegal, I just need to be prepared to pay the consequences of my actions. limitations on freedoms is no different to me than taking away the freedom because it opens the door to abolishing constitutional amendments and rights! If a baby is not alive until birth then stopping an abortion at any time is wrong. The health of the mother makes no difference because it is her choice to do the operation. There are plenty of procedures done by doctors that kill their patients like chemo therapy! Just like OBAMA taking our right to be unhealthy away from us. It should be my choice if I want health care or not and not the governments. If you are worried about people with guns then you should go buy one and learn how to defend yourself with it! Problem solved.

@IpraiseMYSELF I can see where 44 took away your choice to pay or not pay for health insurance, but I believe we all have the right to Not seek medical help if we choose. The gun issue is easier solved than the PR machine that keeps it a problem. Sound bites and tribalism will keep it going another 50 years. Educating the next generation is always our best bet. So they like you and I become critical thinkers and the PR spin machine will have less of an effect on them. Living in IN, I see a large amount of cognitive dissonance and guns are normally in the top 3 subjects....god being number 1.

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