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Do you Oprah would or will make a great President for the Democratic party in the next election???

michaelcancook 5 May 21

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No. Atheist hater.


First thing she needs to do is apologize for supporting the invasion of iraq based upon the lies told by the Bush.


A good candidate, but not a good actual president.
For the Democratic or any other party.
And not next election or any other election.


NOOOOOOOO! Oprah is great at her job -- which involves entertainment. Let me ask some questions -- When your car breaks down do you call a dance instructor? When your toilet backs up do you call an attorney? When you break a limb, do you call a psychic? The Presidency is a job. People should elect someone who knows at least a little bit about government. There are prescribed duties and limits on the role of President that the current occupant of the White House clearly does not understand. If the nation hasn't learned anything from the recent debacle then we deserve what we get.


We do not need anymore tv personalities in the Whit House.

I can see your point, but weneed people in the Democratic party to come out to vote at the polls. How about Michael Moore? He is a caring individual that would like to make positive changes Democratically.


She is too fat, will need a new Air force 1 ?

that is not funny

You arer welcone ?


How about voting for people who know what they are doing I swear you Americans make democracy look like a bad idea.

I think Trump has begun a new pressident, we the people can vote for not only folks with a law degree, we can also elect folks that want to make positive changes without a law degree too.

@michaelcancook we need people who know what they are doing, law degree or not. TV personality is not a qualifying factor and may be alienating too


we need people with real experience

We also need folks that want to make a positive difference. We had Bernie Sanders with great ideas, he has been in Washington DC for years working for for positive change, but couldn't earn enough votes. What we need is a competent candidate that the Democratic voters also love, that means that this candidate will have to be popular too. Right now the Republicans are changing the voting municipalitys so they have a favorable voting block in every county in every State. It's scary to think that folks that believe in an afterlife, the flying spaghetti monster are going to take over the government and do ALL kinds of "christian" shit by enacting laws that favor christianity.?

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