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Warning rant ahead!!!

My mother sent me this text:

"Ahmed had told me that spot growing fast up to 2centimeters. PET Scan results show its decreasing now. Now do you see why I believe in GOD and prayer."

My response, "Medical mistakes do not equal God but glad it is nothing."

She can't just be happy she doesn't have cancer. She has to push her religious agenda.

This came less than an hour after a coworker informed me that, "some day something miraculous will happen to you and then you'll know God is real and regret all these years you wasted."

FFS, is today covert/lecture Michele day?!

Crimson67 8 May 22

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wasted?........hell, i been having fun. yes, some of it wasted, but thats fun.


They're childlike in their lack of logic and belief in magic. Best wishes to your mother.


Here is a suggestion. Next time ask her to skip the Pet scan and the other medical advances and go directly to church. Try the pray routine without and medical treatment. She how that works???

Sorry to hear your mom is going through this.


Ask your mother if she gets hit by a truck would she rather the gathering crowd pray for her or call an ambulence?


I find religious people funny rather than pathetic. A few month back I had V-fib, was basically dead for 10 seconds until my car crashed and the jolt put me back into rythme. A very religious friend of mine, who knows I am Atheist, told me that god saved my life so that I could accept him. After I stopped laughing I told her she just gave me a good reason not to believe, since by her logic, if I was a believer I would have stayed dead!! ? That made her stutter and back pedal pretty quick.

Good one!


Any excuse to flaunt their piety is a good one. The fact that you were subjected to two close together was just a fluke, which is what us non believers call miracles! ?


Ask her why god gave her cancer in the first place.


You could tell your coworker that you'll repent just before you die and your coworker should think about all the time she or he has wasted. That's doing religion the smart way!

Yup. You van also tell them Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot all accepted Jesus as their personal savior right before dying and are now hanging out with Jesus.


Forget about lecturing. people will not listen to lectures. Just disprove or dethrone the belief, it's not .


yes my son lol


Oh man. I'm sorry. (((( hugs )))) Must be something in the stars. My kid just cut her beloved aunt off in part due to her use of religious derp as a shield against accountability.... sigh. /lord save us from your followers....


God gets the praise when it's good news.The Devil cursed for the bad news.Seems to be that what they believe?

Coldo Level 8 May 22, 2018



"God loves you, even if you don't love him back." I hear that a LOT also.

And they know that god loves me exactly how? A friend of mine said to me after we were cycling in the country when I commented on how beautiful it was. He said god's country. I said, I don't see god. The reply, he sees you! And he knew this exactly how?


Hello Michelle... Do you have time to speak with me about our lord and savior?!? All of the answers to your many questions can be found in this book that I have here.



Sorry I have been there but that does not make it easy. I just walked away.


to the co-worker, "do you think that would include the time I spent casting spells on you and your family?" witchymom time.

@Crimson67 good! I try to cast the happy spells.


Glad for you that your mother doesn't have cancer, glad for her, too.
The rest of it? Fuck it. You know what's true and what isn't.


Good night! Most of the things that grow on us aren't cancerous and many that are can be fixed because of science. Why would a good, compassionate, omnipotent God give you cancer in the first place? Ah, well. I guess it is better that they follow a god than a demon. Marginally...

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