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Given the choice between justice and liberty, I'll always choose liberty.

Monterey 5 May 25

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Like they did in Somalia?

I have no idea what you are referring too. More info please. Thanks.

@Monterey They chose liberty over justice and wound up with neither. Justice is a necessary precursor to liberty.

@RobAnybody I don't agree with your opinion. To each his own.

@Monterey You disagree based on what evidence? Please demonstrate how liberty is sustained in the absence of justice.


You need both...

Actually, you need both...


I don't think they need be exclusive.

Excellent point. Perhaps additional pondering is needed.


For whom?

For me.


So, you're like, a pirate, kind of.

No, kind of. ?

Then again, l have acquired some excellent booty over the years. I may be a pirate of sorts.

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