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I found love on! We went from "We'll probably never meet because of the distance but it's cool to have online friends" to "Oh my god we absolutely have to be together". We met irl for the first time last weekend but we've been talking on the phone for close to two hours a day for the last couple of months. I feel like I've known her my whole life. She's amazing. I love you @Kelkat!

Fearlessfreep 7 May 26

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It's about time! Congrats to you both...and!


For the record, I posted this primarily as a shout out to This wouldn't have happened if not for the wonderful space that was created here. Between work, kids, and you know...talking on the phone two hours a night with the love of my life I've been neglecting this site and the new friends I've made here. I just want the admins and the agnostic community to know that I'm grateful to you all.

Hello how are you doing today


So we got married in San Francisco on Friday the 26th with close friends and family present and followed that with a three day road trip, just Kelkat, her cat, and I. The whole thing was a blast. I don't think you find yourself on Agnostic without being pretty entrenched on the skeptical side of the fence. The few people who have directly commented or even implied doubt about us being successful we've both taken the "well shit, that's a perfectly reasonable response" attitude about it. But you see, the naysayers are wrong. At least for now. But if you want to take the ride you have to buy a ticket. Post divorce I hit therapy hard. I had challenged my introverted self to be social. I'd resigned myself to being alone and having friends and my children walk with me on my path to the end but I still put myself out there. What worked for me, besides an incredible amount of luck was self examination and the pursuit of self awareness...and a therapist to sort the useless crap from the useful tools. There's a line from a Shins song that goes something like "It's not that the darkness can't touch our lives I know it will in time. But she's no ordinary valentine." Thanks for all the support and cynicism. This site is fucking great.

Mutual weirdness 4-ever .... that is awesome!!!

Did you two meet in a group, or did you inbox her?


Bomber jackets.

It's t shirts for level 8, so it should be bomber jackets for couples, amiright?

Congrats! šŸ˜€


Happy news congrats

Admin Level 8 May 26, 2018

And good job @Admin šŸ™‚


Congrats! I found love here too.

Congratulations! Did you post your story? I'd be interested in hearing it.

Yes we did, and good idea. We should share our story.

@EllenDale Unfortunately, that was then and this is now...


good for you.

btroje Level 9 May 26, 2018

YAY!!!! May the HAPPY and BUTTERFLIES you feel always be a daily experience!!!! ?


Congratulations! Iā€™m glad you guys found each other. I found my girlfriend through agnostic, as well. @marvelann has been a breath of fresh air!


This doesn't even happen in movies !!!!!... Good for you BOTH and lots of happiness ever after !!! (Correction in capital.. sorry about the omission)


That's wonderful! Congratulations!

lerlo Level 8 May 26, 2018

Love you back, @Fearlessfreep!


Wow I hope it works out. ?


Congratulations, you two! @DharmaBum50 and I talked on the phone more than two months, averaging 30 hours a week, before we met in person, and it was like meeting an old friend! Enjoy!


Congrats. Gives hope to the rest of us who are looking.


Wow, Congrats! Hoping you share many years of smiles together.




Yay!!! How wonderful!!!

hi sweet am here ,i love


Congratulations, y'all. @EllenDale has told you our story, and I'm looking forward to advancing our relationship. I wish y'all continued love and happiness as well!


Who where you referring to by saying "oh my god"?


Congratulations to you both. Wish I could post something like this too.


Well...there you go then! It can happen! All the nay-sayers be damned! LOL


Yay!!! How wonderful!!!


Good for you brother!


Awwww, that is just so sweet! And based on a common rejection of superstition. The best of luck to you both. ?

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