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Just received from a friend who probably stole it off uglybook or google:

FrayedBear 9 May 27

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More terraharmony is possible with the learning of the global environment, history and philosophy.

Vegan (without abusing the plants, our sensible co-terrians - take only the necessary!) and solar-empowered is also possible for all the terrian/terrestrial animals. (I do not know if this cabbage was or not treated with a flavor attractive for the cat, previously. But I understand that holistic veterinarians recommend some vegetables for generally known carnivorous pets.)
tipi Level 7 May 30, 2018

Most cats, mine included eats grass. Mine also likes carrots and peas in her casserole.


damn! i'm so freakin suspicious of photoshopping already.... if this is real, it just proves again the awesomeness of nature ❤

I know what you mean ... but the desire for it to have actually occurred is incredibly powerful.

The cub tail shadow looks good.

@FrayedBear, yes, let it be true!


I suppose since elephants are both vegetarian and intelligent, the lion cub was safe. The elephant is also too large, and has too tough a hide, is not prey for lions, either - so why not?
I have hand fed bananas to wild elephants in the bush - they are friendly if they do not feel threatened.

Hat off to the guy for getting 20 million viewers. Wish he had a dollar from each.


Wow, just wow!

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