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A CDC report , released Thursday , says that of the 10,013 female homicides that occurred between 2003 and 2005 , over 93% were committed by boyfriends , former boyfriends , husbands , or lovers . Gentlemen , what is it about you that makes you feel you are worth the risk of dating ?

Cast1es 8 May 27

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Since we seem to be getting off to a slow start on the real question , how about I give you a hand . One of the more popular sites here is gardening . If a man (or woman) , enjoys gardening , and enthusiasticly grows organic vegetables , than he (or she) would be improving their spouse's life , by providing an alternative to corporate produced food , which is coated in pesticides , or has been geniticaly modified so that insects are killed simply by eating the produce . See , that wasn't so very hard . Now, what do you do , that would make a woman's life better ?


Interesting , getting a lot of discussion , but to date , not one man has told why he thinks he is special enough , for a woman to risk her life for . Why are you special ? How would a woman's life improve , if she were to become involved with you ?

I gave you the answer I have. Individual traits that will please individual women are for that individual. Other than that, I think I answered.

@phxbillcee You replied that you have self control , and have not , to date , so much as struck , let alone killed a woman . This is excellent news , but not enough for a woman to make a commitment to you . You said each should make her own decision , as to whether you are worth it , but gave no suggestion as to how a woman's life would be better for having you in it . The question was , " What is it about you , that makes you feel , you are worth the risk of dating ." It wasn't why do you think women are willing to date you .


The number one cause of death on the job for women is homicide.

I was not aware to this particular statistic . To whom do they , "credit ," these homicides ?


I will rip a man apart that comes after me in the street. I had an ex slap me 3 times in a row in an argument one time, and I just stood there and took it. Women in my life, whether it's lovers or friends or family, could hit me with a steel chair and I wouldn't do anything. If it's a lover, I would leave them, but that's about it.

We have to be careful with statistics some times though. I'm not saying these stats aren't valid, and yes, I think men are generally more violent than women. There is also a stat that says, "According to the data given by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, worldwide, 78.7% of homicide victims are male, and in 193 of the 202 listed countries or regions, males were more likely to be killed than females."


In another study, "In contrast to men, who killed nonintimate acquaintances, strangers, or victims of undetermined relationship in 80% of cases, women killed their spouse, an intimate acquaintance, or a family member in 60% of cases."


Stats can be manipulated to not show a bigger picture. I'm including the stats I just quoted to also be included in that as well.

So what is it about females as well that makes them think they are worthy of dating?

If I read your first quote correctly , you compared killing people they were not in an intimate relationship as 80% male killers , and you compared women killing husbands as being 60% , in response to my original quote of 93% of women killed , being attributed to men they were intimate with ? Additionally , you also commented that the statistics dealing with drug crimes , show that the victims are 78.7 % male ? Perhaps that shows more males are involved in drug crimes , also not a great reason for becoming intimate with those involved in crimes . I guess you're correct , in that people can and will try to manipulate statistics to try to corrupt data or at least try to confuse the issue .

@Cast1es What is your point with this thread? I think any conversation to the contrary of what your agenda is, will be ridiculed or shot down with flippancy. Did you miss the point of what I said, or just ignoring it? Why do you care what any man has to offer here to any woman anywhere? Would you ask the same question of women? If not, why not? Do you hate men? I guess you also missed the part where I said I wasn't doubting these statistics.

@Piece2YourPuzzle Actually , it's the other way around . I asked one question in this thread . ONE ! To date , the men who have chosen to , "answer," have chosen do anything but answer the question I asked . I did not miss the point of what you said . You , like all the others , have commented extensively , but did not answer the question I asked . I have even tried suggesting an example . "For instance , an enthusiastic gardener would improve his spouses life by growing chemical free , GMO free , fresh vegetables ." Still , you chose to play around the topic , without answering it . I have come to the conclusion , after reading and hearing so many male complaints about women , that perhaps men in general , have absolutely no intention of being or doing anything at all to improve a woman's life . But rather than make that conclusion , I am offering these brilliant men an opportunity to supply their own version of what it is about them that is special . It is very disturbing to read that no men feel there is anything about themselves that is anything that will improve their woman's life . I have also included the comment , that I have read that the average woman , after putting in a full 40 hour work week , comes home to another four hours nightly of housework - washing , drying , folding , hanging clothes and putting them away , cooking meals , washing dishes , cleaning toilets , sinks, tubs , scrubbing floors , grocery shopping , lugging in the family's food and storing it away , changing dirty diapers (yuck) , bathing the children , oiling their skin , dressing them and reading them bedtime stories . Now I have expanded that , for you , too . Please , please , please , tell me . What is it that you as a man , feel you do to improve a woman's life ? So , let's try again . but this time , please actually answer the question .

" What is it about you , that you think makes you worth the risk of dating ? "

@Cast1es Well I'm sure your highly scientific study will go down in the record books. You might even win a Nobel prize. As to the very general question, it's none of your damn business. Not that you ACTUALLY care! I'm pretty sure that the answers you seek that aren't being typed makes you think that this is an accurate account of men in here or in general, and that men have no value. You are free to believe whatever you want though.


Those can be classed as femicides. Because women are hated.


Well, I'm 63, been thru a number of relationships on a number of different levels & duration. I've never struck a woman, let alone killed them! Have I had arguments, sure as shit! But, I can control myself & my 'instincts' as I am a fully grown reasonable human. I think I'm worth it. Each lady will have to figure that out for themselves. I'm patient.

Self control is a highly recommended personality type . Funny you never see that being touted as a great quality . But I think we should .

That's the thing. It's really tough to suss the dangerous ones out before you're in to deep to extract yourself easily.

@Blindbird I think , generically speaking , that's the reason for dating . It's a time to try to find out who a person really is , before either makes a very expensive commitment .

@Cast1es yes. Its been my experience that people get attached very quickly. Then things get messy/scary when you try to disengage. I've had men get threatening when I didn't want to continue seeing them after a few dates.


“Men are afraid women will laugh at them.

Women are afraid men will kill them.” – Margaret Atwood


It's true. Every time I think about dating someone I wonder if he's going to turn out to be violent. Men just don't want to hear this and/or don't understand that this isn't an irrational fear. Women are killed by their partners every single day.

That's why I posted this in this manner . I will be very surprised if any men answer this honestly , although I would expect to possibly see some sarcastic comments . Seems they always come up with comments about thinking it's about women , "getting treated ." at a man's expense , but totally ignore what's truly on the line .

@SACatWalker I have an online Greek friend , who also feels women won't date him , because he's short . I also have a short female friend , whom I went to elementary school with , who's never been asked on a date .
I am , however , wondering where you found the 93% statistic , that says women won't date short men . For a time , at least , there was a TV program about short couples , you might find interesting .

@ScienceBiker Glad to read this.

@SACatWalker really? Not wanting to date a short guy is up there with murder in your book? C'mon man.


I can hide the bodies better

I believe you .

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