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Q: What is neoliberalism?
A: It is the ruling class feeding off public money.

British public money destined for the altruistic National Health Service is ending up in Richard Branson's coffers. That is not business. That is parasitism.

Ellatynemouth 8 May 28

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Ah, so he is not so good after all, and his daughter a doctor too.


They are actually withdrawing from some NHS services because seemingly they cannot provide more efficient care cheaper afterall

And suing them for it?

That is a false incomplete analysis. ...reduce NHS and illness/absenteeism will increase .... productivity&wellness decrease ....NHS GROWS WITH SPECIALTY CARE AND MORE NEW DRUGS/THERAPIES....THE same false expectations are not applied to military or Royal spending


Corruption is used as an excuse to reduce good programmes. ....NHS is PRIMARY WELLNESS CARE without it medical needs escalate and death early outcomes result. ...liquidate the Royal family wealth to increase good NHS funding


He done the same with "The West Coast" mainline rail contract.

Coldo Level 8 May 28, 2018
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