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I'm a freaking genius, I got the printer working by disconnecting and reconnecting! ? Then I ran out if fecking ink ?. That stuff is soo expensive! ?

Josephine 7 May 29

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Yes, it is, however some printers you can refill the cartridges for a fraction of the price.


I can fix most machines due to having the ability to look at what it does and immediately have a good idea how it does it - a talent I must have inherited from my father, who was a very gifted engineer.

Printers, however... Printers have at least ten billion components, many of which are merely a few atoms in size and are made of soft cheese instead of hard plastic or metal. They were also designed by M.C. Escher, Salvador Dali and H.R. Giger one day after they'd each dropped about five tabs of acid, are home to numerous nanopoltergeists which will move various components around every time you blink and have been re-engineered several times over by Motie Watchmakers (one for the Pournelle and Niven fans there).

So, big respect for making yours work.

Jnei Level 8 May 29, 2018

Incidentally, a friend of mine is a software engineer for a very well-known manufacturer of printers and photocopiers. Prior to that job, he held quite a high rank in Mossad - that's the sort of brain you need to really understand printers!

@Jnei On the one hand, on the other hand, on the grasping hand!


Win one; lose two?


For me,I only print in black and white, and I had a good tax return many,many years ago,so instead of getting an ink printer,got a HP Laserjet 2100SE for (then)$600,about 2001,it's now on it's 3rd toner cartridge,still going strong.


Yes yes it is....

Also yes - this qualifies as genius level computing because you did not call tech support.

Heh heh

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