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I’ve been binging House Hunters International and Tiny House Hunters’s been too hot, so I’ve plopped my ass inside in the a/c. I’m fascinated by the different types of housing and what gets prioritized in each area. While I couldn’t live in a tiny house, I do see the appeal.

What is housing like where you live? Here in NE OH, it’s more single family homes with decent-sized yards. Duplexes are also common. Townhouses, apartments and urban living are available as well. Tiny houses aren’t necessarily practical in this area, where we have 8 months of frigid winter, bookended by a month of perpetual rain on either side and then two months of blistering heat.

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Omaha has a mix of housing styles, not really so much the tiny houses yet. I see the appeal, I don't think it would work for me right now. Omaha has a good housing market and lower cost of living. We do have tornadoes, so tiny houses might be at risk... Most houses have basements, and apartment building are required to have storm shelters.


Living in various parts of Chicago my whole life you really have to look long and hard to find a good value as they are not easy to find around here. Inside Chicago everyone is packed close together. I currently live in a perfect spot for me, literally two doors away from several hundred acres of forest.

I officially withdraw my “good value” statement I made before, knowing the average CLE home price!!

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