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What hair color of the opposite sex are you more attracted to ?

Wildgreens 7 May 29

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And her father Partition?

@GoldenDoll -- OOOOoooo --- that was baaaaaad....


Personally, I'm attracted to the hair color that's attached to the person I'm attracted to.

Athena Level 8 May 30, 2018

Tho I've always had a "thing" for redheads, it has never seemed to be what led to a relationship. Personality, sense of humor, smile, intelligence, wit, boobs! All of those seemed to matter more!

At least you're honest.

@Stacey48 Yep, for humor & veracity! LOL!

@Stacey48, @Ellatynemouth Anyone that says the physical doesn't count at all isn't being totally honest. For me it's one of the factors, among a number, that come into play.


Oh honey, hair color is the last item I worry about. Hair or no hair, who he is; the content of his character, of his heart is so much more important.

It's just a fun question ?.


Honestly don’t have a preference. Even like chrome domes ? the one thing I absolutely can’t stand is a comb over. Dude. You’re not fooling anybody.

Punch Level 4 May 30, 2018


Something about the way light catches it


Um, why opposite sex?

It can be either, I should have worded it differently.

@Wildgreens Hehe I had a feeling. Having a gay kid makes me more aware of stuff. And definitely ginger!!


This is good to see as I never thought it would be a thing but I have found I am more drawn to dark haired men. I have read that this has to do with your first romantic/sexual encounter- imprinting..

That last part is way scary.

My hair was black once...


I guess cause I'm an early 80s child I've always liked crazy punk hair: blue, pink, whatever so long as it's not Barbie! I now actually like grey as I admire older women who just don't give a f*ck! 😉


I am not a hair discriminator.


Dark hair lol red beards

had a drink with that guy yesterday.

I am that guy lol


Red. Always red.


I saw a woman interviewed on BBC TV recently, who was about 45 and a Professor at a Irish University. She had long straight hair that was mixed colours of platinum, blonde and several shades of grey. Her face was slightly tanned and she looked amazing. She was being interviewed regarding the changes to the abortion laws in Ireland. Absolutely gorgeous and intelligent too.

I'm sure she'd appreciate your comments on her physical appearance when discussing such a subject.


No preference, but l find all this talk of hair offensive. ?

you've got to glance at the bio pic to get this comment!

@njoy_life_2 ?☺

Ha! I just posted I prefer bald or grey hair!

@Marcie1974 Well, that's one! ☺


I am very strongly attracted to women with ginger, red, and black hair.

I am also very fond of non-natural hair colors, especially purple, aqua, blue, pink, and silver.

That said, all of my exes were blonde or brunette because that's 99% of the population here in the Midwest

I confess an affinity for the cute lil' red-headed ladies out there.

That doesn't mean it's a must-have in a potential mate. The question is a "most attracted to" and it's isolated to hair color.

@Cherie44 I don't have a soul or any young 😉

@Cherie44 That's been my experience, too. But until the dining starts, redheads are just wow.


Redheads do it for me. Haven't dated that many over the years despite living in Ireland and Scotland where over 70% of the world's redheads can be found :-/


I don't think I have a preference but judging from my two long term relationships it would be...BALD. 😉


Any color with some gray in it.


Brunette. With a small streak of grey/silver is sexy too.


I love bald or grey hair. If they have hair I gravitate towards dark. I'm blonde so I've always been fascinated with dark hair.

Absolutely agree Marcie. And I love women with fifty shades of grey !!

@Timomatic I vowed to grey gracefully because my mom colored her hair for WAY too long. But I do hate the grey!! Plus my hair got super dark after I had ugly dishwater blonde. So I've settled for just highlighting it and plucking greys in the morning, lol

@Marcie1974 Well you are looking great and not a dishwasher in sight ! Ive never heard that expression before. Is it an American thing ?

@Timomatic thank you! Must be an American thing...

I am bald and gray.

@lecoq that takes talent!

You forgot to mention personality, education, artistic concerns and places of interest be it Museums, Theaters, and Walks into the Wild where nature will take you to another frame of mind.

@Nevermind345 the question was just about hair

@Marcie1974 I was only adding to the comment that I personally did not recognize "Hair Color" as a personal qualification. I say this because I see adolescents throwing their lives astray searching for definition which is reinforced by drug addiction, abandonment, and the false pretense that changing the color of their hair will make them something that they never dreamed of being. You were beyond a subject of intense Psychological Aberrations that includes Tattoo's and piercings into the most parts of their bodies which will confront them in their later years as well as their overall Physical Health and Well Being.


The one that doesn't ask this sort of question.

Great answer. It would be mine too! if i thought of it.


Note to self: buy henna.
(Color me surprised by the answers here.) Who knew?

I'm surprised too. I'm a redhead but I might as well be invisible.


It doesn't matter. Someone who's handsome with nice eyes. Hair colour doesn't come into it.


Thank you. 🙂




Just any hair in my age

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