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It amazes me how Christians will say "if God exists" then this or this or this. I don't understand how they can not see that having to put "if" in front of their questions already counts as a defeater for their positions. I do not understand why anyone would want to be willfully ignorant. I was raised by a preacher in a Pentecostal fundamentalist Christian home and this still amazes me.

Lucas20520 6 Dec 20

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It sounds like they are beginning to question god's existence themselves. I might have said something like that during my transition.

gearl Level 7 Dec 20, 2017

I've meet a few pentecostals and, like the southern baptist, none of any of them would EVER say "if" before "GAW-UD!!!" in any sentence under any circumstances.

"HE(-yah)" was just as certain as the moon landings faked by the liberals to put that satanic thought the world wasn't flat in our hay-uds.

So it sounds like you had it pretty good!


I was quiet about my disbelief for 3 years and then slowly came out to others. It did cause some losses in relationships but also helped with some. A few of my work colleagues are also closet nonbelievers or at the level of not believing the Xian things but still considering deism.


there are alot of christians who question the existence of god but they are afraid to say it. When i first decided to convert to Agnostic, i actually was afraid to talk against god because i was conditioned to fear god. now my mind is clear and opened to logic. the fear is gone and i voice my true beliefs with pride and courage.


People just get stuck in obsolete Aristotelian logic, probably because we were all indoctrinated in it in HS Geometry, and it appears reasonable. We now know that things can be both A and Not-A at the same time, and we now observe that things can happen with no discernible cause. So the arguments are phrased "If this, then that" and then proceed to QED.

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