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Question. If there is an invisible supreme being watching our every move, would they be considered a freak for watching any one of us masturbating? Do supreme beings have fettishes or kinks?

Chucky65 4 May 30

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The question itself should embarrass more than the notion of a possible invisible spectator. This site doesn't bill itself as a place to expect the question to get serious answers. A revival tent might work better. All of the elements are there. The question would be taken seriously by leaders who are both kinky and always have their hands out...

Its a silly question that came about when I thought about how a so called invisible omnipotent voyeur could make someone feel guilty. On surface its comical. Its mind control on auto pilot.


Here's a couple articles on the topic , both by professed Christians , for your enjoyment . [] , []


I started masterbating before I turned 18 so technically he's a pedophile why is his name not on the sex offender list??? ?


The answer to the first part of your question is no, thus the second part is moot.


We are his porn site. Silly ?


Theists use all sorts of special pleading when it comes to their deity, so to them it is not creepy to be watching every action and thought of very person. Also according to them god, unlike us, is incapable of prurient interest. It's clinical interest, except when it pisses him off ... then look out.

That's all nonsense of course, but it is some insight I hope into the "thought" processes of fundamentalists.

Also in fairness, despite what I said above, unless you have an up-front assumption that an all-powerful supernatural being is just a glorified version of a human, they might well not have sexuality or sexual interest or the same motivations as us. However it's understandable you would assume that because the Abrahamic faiths pretty much have a deity that is like a supreme sovereign ruler or king, but with super-powers -- and so, is ultimately just like humans, only able to throw more epic tantrums while being answerable to no one concerning them.


The original porn addict.

Lol. Well it's interesting, is it not, that a being allegedly responsible for the creation and maintenance of reality, ends up being interested in what you do or don't do with your sexuality? The real concerns of religion do not come from such a being, they come from the priestly elite or the political elites manipulating them, and they want fulcrums of control. And if you can get people to submit their strongest innate drives to some belief system, then you have gotten people to cede a lot of control to you. Which is what human rulers crave -- meek, quavering followers eager to obey your every whim. Or failing that, terrified to think, much less act, contrary to your will.

@mordant -- Yep. I wrote a lexicon (TIC) for Science Fiction writers in which I defined certain words and/or explained various theories. One of the words was Astronomer.

ASTRONOMER: person who observes nocturnal emissions; see voyeur

@evidentialist i am literally lmao!

@Chucky65 -- I'll bet that's a sight.... 😉

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