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Do you feel less alone, isolated and/or different since joining Agnostics?

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TampaHeathen 7 May 30

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Well for me it's been a fairly good thing. I think I have gained some friends,, and I look forward to seeing them on the site everyday. i've learned a few things, and I've shared parts of my life that I normally don't do. And I have stopped talking to my dog and myself, I think I was doing a lot of that.


I have certainly found many I consider friends on this site. Interacting with more extensively with people here has pretty much convinced me that I'm a confirmed bachlorette though, so, mixed bag. 🙂

confirmed... aaaawww. That's because i'm not available (I live too far away!) lol! wink.


It;s certainly added a nice dimension to an evening to yar away with a few of you guys, agreeing with some, disagreeing with others. Made a couple of internet buddies which wouldn't have happened otherwise so pretty positive really 🙂


It's been a joy to be here sharing with so many different people. I do feel less alone.


I don't feel LESS lonely,
I DON'T feel more!

Also, it's cool to talk freely.


I spend all the time I used to spend on Facebook on this site now. And I feel better each day when I log off, unlike Facebook where most days i felt worse.

This is me, too.


Virtual relationships are fun to have, but to me, they're not substantial in meeting any real needs.

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