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Ah. Such a worthy cause. Dig deep - into this cess pit!

By Petter8
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IKR!! Tax them bastards!


Love Copeland's remark about how traveling with Ordinary People is beneath him: he calls it "traveling in a tube full of demons". Hard to imagine more hatred and contempt for outsiders -- the Hated Other. Such a testimony to the love of god in the hearts of Real Christians!

Truth be told I'm guessing Copeland has similar contempt for his own followers, it is probably only fellow clergy who are sufficiently like-minded who are worthy to travel in his presence.

mordant Level 8 May 30, 2018



Ha ha prayer does work for Evangelical Preachers ....well for lol ??

Hitchens Level 8 May 30, 2018

More people should see the movie, "Marjoe."

EdEarl Level 8 May 30, 2018

That's a very interesting article. I shall search out the DVD. Thanks.

@Petter yw

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