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'The lord in his wisdom made the fly, then forgot to tell us why.' Ogden Nash. Pretty much sums it up about the great beard in the sky. 😛

Holysocks 8 May 30

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Wasn't it Singapore that irradicated flies, paying people to kill them, and then had to reintroduce them because of the time decaying matter took to rot away without their help? Searched but if you put the word fly into a search engine holidays come up aggressively.


Wasps! WTF?! evil little bastards.

I bet it's great fun to actually be a wasp, though.

@Jnei lol you know I'm betting it is.


they make fabulous maggots 🙂 imagine a world smelling of rotting flesh. thank you for the fly :


Beelzebub had to have something to rule over, every demon needs a job. 😉


I see the fly as a very useful critter. They are one of the principle actors in the breakdown of dead things.
As for gods ? Not so much.

Also, food for spiders.

Again, gods not so much.

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