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Who here is happy Roseanne is off the air

MichealGames77 4 May 30

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Good riddance!


Could care less, didn't watch it then and now.....


Never watched her - don't care. But one less racist on TV can't be bad !


I'm impartial. I don't own a TV


She's never been my cup of tea. I certainly don't agree with her politics, racism, or the conspiracy theories she believes in. So, she's getting what she deserves. I feel bad for the other people who depended on the show to make their living.


ABC gambled that she wouldn't be as outlandish as she had been in the past... The gamble paid off for a few months. I'm glad she had her show canceled, dropped by her talent agency and her reruns dropped.


Free speech is a thing...but so is the repercussions of things said.


Not me......I kinda liked it. Happy to see an old broad doing well.....her misstep made me see that some of my foibles are forgivable.......

If this was just a misstep, I could maybe get past it. Unfortunately, it is a continuation of a pattern of behavior for her. More than just a foible. She's a racist.

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