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All powerful God!

Miamifreethinker 5 May 30

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Perhaps, given it exists at all, the god thing finds it easier to see its own faults in others?


Yeah... I've pondered this many times. If god created man... and he knows all... then he knows what they will do, so is there free will? if he knows what they will do then why would there be a hell then? that would make god very irresponsible. If that god does or doesn't exist either way i don't want to worship him. if it is as i believe and there is no god what is there to worship... if i am wrong and there is... that still isn't a being i believe deserves my praise. so I'm golden either way

??? very good comment.

@Miamifreethinker Thank you 🙂


Regrettably most religious folk aren't bothered by logical arguments.


Hard to find logic in the illogical.

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