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I'm having no luck dating in New Jersey. You can't always find somebody right around the corner.

DianaGinger 5 May 31

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That's a shame. You're a lovely lady. Maybe there just aren't a lot of NJ members here? That doesn't make a lot of sense to me but it is possible. If all else fails, move closer to Chicago. There's a lot of awesome and amazing guys here, including myself, that would be just right for you. 🙂


I am almost positive, there has to be more than one corner in New Jersey! I'm almost certain of that, but I've never been there, so l could be wrong. ?

@DianaGinger ?


Here we don't even have a freaking corner !!!!!


I thought I am the unlucky guy.

IAS1 Level 5 May 31, 2018

I hope you meet someone lovely soon. Good luck.


Do the math... the further you go the more (vastly more) people are in your circle. LD dating is problematic, but the match-up is much more likely to be better than with people just a few miles away. But yes, convenience would be nice. Living in a rural area I know for a FACT that there's no one of interest within 50-miles so I always have a long drive. Thats' OK.

@DianaGinger Yes, a lot of people are just growing old waiting for the right person to be nearby. Keep at it... as they say, it's a numbers game. As long as it doesn't involve an airport, I take worthy contacts from distant ladies very seriously because relocation is in the future anyway.


Lots of crickets chirping in my neighborhood, too. Sigh...😟


Try finding someone in an Old Jersey, you might have better luck ?

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