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How important is old age IF the person is an interesting and attractive one?

Womanatheist 4 May 31

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Age is a state of mind, Ive met a lot of young people in old bodies and several old people in you bodies. I move now so I still can later and hope you do the same.


Age is a number, plain and simple, but society and culture can put pressures on that are hard to surmount. I dated a 37 year old when I was 19 and married a 30 year old when I was 50. In between there were relationships with both older and younger. I have never let a persons age define how I felt about them. There are way more important things to consider.


Absolutely not important when the person is interesting, no doubt


I'm sorry, I don't understand the question. How important is old age for likelihood of heart attack, or winning an Olympic medal in the 100 yard dash? Both, I'd guess. Sex? A relationship? And what does being interesting and/or attractive have to do with any of these? Also, how are you defining 'old age'? Before she died, my 85 year old mother defined it as anyone over 90!


Define "old age" lol. I'm 44 and gravitate towards older men. Usually between 10-20 years older, so long as they act younger and are decent looking.

Missed it by that much! ☺

Not me, I am just getting into my stride !


Approaching my fourties, it's all about who you are now. I have age limits in general but will ignore them for the right people.


I don't important is old age, or how important is age?


I am interesting and attractive and 74 years old. It is very important to me !   Lol

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