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Here is a question I have wanted to ask african americans for years but have never been able to find a group or person that would discuss it, much less admit they don't believe in a GOD.

HOW can a person of color in AMERICA continue to worship a christian deity or any religion given the horrific treatment their ancestors received?

I mean, I GET that to survive, people want or need to believe in a higher power and want to believe that there is a way to explain evil as we know it.....but oppression continues. HOW is this explained in the black churches?

AND please, this is a true question or discussion on AA's and how they live accepting their christianity.

cheepsie 4 May 31

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With slaves, the enslavers split up families, languages, religions and cultures into groups. Over a hundred years, the slaves have adopted the language, religion, and culture of the enslavers. The African-Americans who are descendants of the slaves have lost their origins. One of the worst things done by man.


As I understand it, in the USA Christianity was forced on the slaves with the promise that suffering in this life was a blessing, and would result in greater rewards in the next, that the chance to be slaves in a Christian country was a blessing since they could hear and accept the gospel and be saved, unlike those left behind in heathen savagery.
In short the con of jam tomorrow is worth plain bread today, and plain bread today is better than starvation yesterday.
Since those who accepted this shit "prospered", that is were allowed to have children, got feed and were not beaten to death and those who did not died in great pain, a few generations of this lead to a pliant, readily obedient populous accepting the "normality" they were born in to.


Look I'm a Brit or Limey as you sometimes call us. We both invented and outlawed the slave trade, a part of our history that saddens me deeply. Yes there still racism here but thankfully far far less. I went to a gospel church in east London many years ago, I was welcomed with open arms and the music was fantastic. So for me the answer to your question is the coming together of people and the kindred spirit that binds them.

My family are East Enders too and I agree about the music and camaraderie and being welcomed - In the East End of London people shared everything, from funeral clothes to school boots, to communal sheep and chickens- I wouldnt wish that sort of poverty ever again but love the kindnesses. I have never in my life had a religious bomne in my body but that doesnt stop me joining in and just being with people and allowing myself to be welcomed into their world.


Brain washed as children ! South Africa is exactly the same !

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