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When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone? Snail mail. Post office. Maybe we should have a pen pals group.

KateZilla 7 June 1

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I'd write post cards to friends in community for shared purposes and tourist post cards back home or to my love....but pen pals are slow slow faceless acquaintances who I found to be big temptation to travel and meet....I suppose the way I'm writing to most anyone here is my style of cyber pen pals because no one really is taking me seriously for a future romance... such is a lonely writing desk of mine


Can't even remember.......but, why would I want to do that? Aren't we writing here?


I write letters and attach them to emails, last one posted would have been about 1991 but that was at work. First, last and only personal letter I have ever written that was posted snail mail was in 1969.


It's not been that long ago. I love writing letters and tend to get creative. I once sent a letter written on a paper plate to London.


About 1-2 years ago to send my doctor off to retirement etc. 4 years ago, to my father. I put it in his coffin with him. Yes, I know he couldn't read it. I know his ghost didn't read it either. Relax. 6 years ago too to someone, and then I handed it to them for them to read later as we most likely wouldn't be speaking to each other anymore.


Hand delivered to the Pony Express.


Yes, not quite a year ago.. Alone, for the first time in life, lonesome, occasionally (if not apparently) bored.. I’ve had a pen-pal. We went to kindergarden together! Met at a HS reunion, where a friend of hers ‘tracked me down’ online … as my ‘ol friend doesn’t have or use ‘computers.’ She knows my family members, I vaguely remember hers, and she still lives in the same house she grew up in, with her older sister & mother…

In poor health, and not near my level of activity or independance, I make the effort to answer her occasional letters. Hers are all hand-written; mine are generally ‘printed,’ word processor stuff. But, one I’d sent was hand-written & creative spell-checker either. Hadn’t been since ‘courting’ my eventual wife, kids, having grown up down the block and across the street from each other ..that I’d done that with anyone.

So I’ve a non judgemental friend who’s actually concerned, seems worth my effort. Plus, occasionally - I get mail 😀

Varn Level 8 June 1, 2018

Two days ago. With a fountain pen I turned myself.


Last week.

I try to send letters ... I like receiving hand written notes, so I send them out, too. 🙂


I do it frequently, though I try to avoid handwriting them on account of my hands. Mostly fan mail to celebrities. I did get a personalized autographed photo from Johnny Depp once that way

I'm also trying to get Ellen Degeneres to sponsor my idea for a "celebrity pen pal" business where i, completely confidentially, become celebrities pen pal, and become their friend daughters would be jealous 😉

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