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There's a gorgeous full moon out tonight and I'm hairy. What's the next step?

Holysocks 7 June 2

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Are you saying your hairy BECAUSE of the full moon, or that you're still hairy on the night of a full moon? Theres different advice depending on which circumstance.

  1. enjoy the moonlight, maybe have a drink and contemplation of the fermi paradox, and think about what parts you want to be hairy and what parts not.

  2. I'd say enjoy some mild lycanthropy. Since your able to still form coherent thoughts and use internet devices, it's not "beast mode". Walk in the woods, take in the scents, maybe gnaw on a tree.

Angus Level 5 June 19, 2018



Lather up with Nair and take a shower. That's what I do. (cheaper when you buy by the case on Amazon)


Going for a run in the woods of course.

I went for a bike ride instead. In this burg, that is adventure enough. 🙂


Drop back 10 and punt?

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