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For those of us that are old enough to remember when this was how romance stayed alive. Nothing can replace those old love letters with the thoughts and feelings connected to each one.

mistymoon77 9 June 2

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Absolutely!!!! I met my first love right before I went away to college. We wrote each other every day that year and years later when he went away to boot camp and every summer when he went to reserve camp we again wrote every single day. They meant so much.


I wrote many of those when i was younger. and lost touch. probably a mistake because it is such a tangible memento. like they say, its all digital these days.


Being a GenX-er I learned analog but honestly, I’ve embraced digital. My handwriting has always been marginal, and I’m a better, quicker typist. I think when I got my first word processing software, WordPerfect (!) I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I still keep old, personal emails, which I believe it’s advent was a renaissance of letter writing, and yes, some of them are printed.

Ugh. Autocorrect. It’s should have been its. Score one for handwriting.

@PenLOP, you can go back and edit your post. I do it frequently, too lazy to proofread before I tap send. ?

@Barnie2years Thanks! I will...


Have you noticed that your penmanship has gone to help? I used to write all the time. I kept a journal from 7th grade until I was 24. I quit because I began writing non stop to friends and a girlfriend while I was overseas. I used to play with writing in different fonts and angles. My penmanship was once very good. Now I litterally can not read my own writing and every other word is a scratch out. I find notes around the house and if I can remember what it is about I can't read what it says. So, most of my notes are typed into my phone.


Those were the days......


I still do that. I write her poetry and embarrass her by sharing them on social media.


You don’t look all that old to me.



I remember receiving one particular letter in my teenage years. The weight of the letter, the hand writing, the folds in the paper... It makes it all so real and vivid. A love letter can't be deleted - it's physical proof of someone's affection.

One of the first lines was "how truly lovely you are!".

I lament the passing of this era. It's a real shame.


Not romantic, but we have a friend who is 90 that writes cards and letters all the time. Very cool.


So true! I used to write them in my teens, and wrote them to my ex. Apparently I wasn't using the right color crayons....

I once wrote a love letter on a paper plate. Even British mail accepted it as genuine post. 🙂



Kidding, kidding.

I should do that letter writing thing more. Or at least a love note.

Ha ha!

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