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Oh this is so me! Love it!

CreativelyMe 7 June 2

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Come to think about it..... schedule is available upon request if you feel like wanting to avoid me ????? (joke !!)


That's why I have no friends....


Like the word though.

I did not even catch that.

@CreativelyMe The word is a gerund, akin to a noun, although it looks like a verb.
Example. 1) "I am eating" - eating is the present participle of a verb, to eat.
2) "Eating is essential for life." - eating is a gerund, and is acting as a noun.

@Petter I am glad you explained it because I have actually been thinking about it and was thinking but it is a verb if the person is actively avoiding someone.

@CreativelyMe My pedantic pleasure.
I defy you to find a greater and more fun-loving pedant than myself.

@Petter And that my dear is precisely the reason I enjoy your posts!

@CreativelyMe I need an emoji for blowing a kiss. Consider yourself snogged from a distance!

@Petter Snogged? Another new term for me! YAY! I've been snogged! <3


I can relate to that.


Ha! I didn't know there was a term for this. Guilty!


Oh, this one is nothing less than delicious.. Must steal if for fb! Thanks.

Oh please do share. This one is priceless.


Somebody's a freaking genius.

Right? I love this one.


?????? good one ?????

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